Saturday, 12 July 2008

A world first?

At 3.45pm yesterday 7 of my staff (pictured from left to right are Tamar, Hayley, Me, Mia, Nixi, Rosanna & Jo.) arrived at Mount Tamar School for some staff training, for most of them they ha no idea what they were about to do but it was soon clear that we were about to do Parkour with local specialist Rob Green pictured below. Rob warmed us up and started off by showing us how to land safely. I must confess that I was rather thankful for the rain, we were meant to be doing Parkour outdoors but the bad weather forced us to retire to the indoor hall full of crash mats - phew!

Parkour originated
from french military training with a naval officer called Herbert admiring the strength and flexibility of African tribesman, he quickly adopted the idea of Parkour, here is a quote from Herbert - "Methodical, progressive and continuous action, from childhood to adulthood, that has as its objective: assuring integrated physical development; increasing organic resistances; emphasizing aptitudes across all genres of natural exercise and indispensable utilities (walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, equilibrium (balancing), throwing, lifting, defending and swimming); developing ones energy and all other facets of action or virility such that all assets, both physical and virile are mastered; one dominant moral idea: altruism."

Rob was a great teacher and soon we were all leaping about sometimes landing well and other times landing badly to the amusement of the other group members. We were thrilled to learn that there are no all female street Parkour teams so if we carry on with our training we would be a world first!! Everyone has decided that we seriously want to do some more Parkour so watch this space for more info. I willsome times an prices for those of you who fancy having a go.

For students and friends of the art of dance we now have our own facebook group group, I have to group has taken off well. I have added a bruise of the month and myspaceadmit I am struggling to get the myspace bit working well but the facebookfeatures expect to see some great injuries.

Great news for the Plymouth branch of the art of dance as we will be joining forces with local street dancer and International champion Chris Gilchrist, as soon as our second studio is finished I will be letting you know about all the new timetable of classes including Burlesque, Street, Flexibility, Yoga and more!!

I shall sign off for now as it is the Real Ale festival tonight. I will be blogging again on Monday as tomorrow I am doing the corner for two of my husbands fighters at an event in Penzance - full report to follow.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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