Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I am still not feeling 100%, I perhaps haven't rested as much as I should so my bug is still lingering in the form of yellow mucus in the nose- probably some sinus infection, my period has lasted for 9 days, my main PC is sick and probably needs replacing and I have a long drive to Portsmouth on Friday for Sue's funeral. Apart from that everything is fine.

This evenings pole classes went well, all 3 hours of them, and I introduced some new session plans so well done to the students who survived tonight's classes. Thanks to Jo for the lovely fresh carrots, beetroot and cucumber from her Dads allotment which I have been munching my way through. In an effort to help make me feel better I have resorted to my traditional remedy of drinking honey, lemon and chilli's infused in boiling water.

I read with horror the recent blog from Glamour Puss, After my recent slating on you tube I can sympathise with how Puss must be feeling about her blog review, it is not only insensitive but it does not take into account that we all have different interests. It is like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder therefore it is difficult to assess what is good and bad. The fact is that glamour puss has a large audience so she must be doing something right otherwise people would simply stop reading her blog.

Interesting health news from the Peninsula Medical school regarding their Earlybird project, the project was set up to study the growing problem of diabetes in children. Research has found that current guidelines for how much children should exercise could be seriously outdated and should be reviewed. The research also suggests that measuring one's body mass index is not necessarily a good indicator of good or bad health.

Anyway enough blogging for today, my thoughts are with my mum, hope she is feeling OK after the tragic death of her friend x.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

Aw, thanks love. To be honest, I'm not upset about it; the 'review' was just a list of personal prejudices and not worth the effort it took to type. Hope you feel better soon!