Sunday, 20 July 2008

Performance pictures

What a great night Jo and I had at Garramarsh Farm near South Molton last night. We had been booked by Impact Artists to do the gig along with Suzie from Malarkey. We were booked to do 3 x 10 minute sets between 9-11pm but ended up performing for a bit longer as it was such a good crowd. The crowd, mostly males in their mid to late twenties, were at the end of a stag weekend or Stag Fest as hey had called it. Basically it was a mini Glastonbury with us performing outdoors on a very uneven surface. The DJ provided us with some Drum and Bass sets as backing music and we danced until our muscles could take it no longer. The stage had at least 3 of its 4 corners resting on some ground and the damp air added a nice slippery surface to the stage but other than that we managed fine. I also have some pictures from last months performance at Club Vanilla Tomorrow is the start of our fundraising week so I will blog about all the events taking place at Raffles and then it is back to performing again on Thursday at Raffles and Sunday at the Devon Car Show. Sorry all the photos are so dark but will have better quality picture soon.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

Looking foxy, Ladies.