Friday, 18 July 2008

Action needed urgently

Just a quick blog today as I am in such a bad mood that I may write something terrible. Just to summarise I am fed up with large (high profit) companies who offer no customer service at all, they seem to prefer hiding behind Indian call centres with staff who are unable to deal with any issues, I feel desperately sorry for the poor folks working in such call centres as they must get an awful lot of grief, however as a paying customer I expect to be able to speak to someone when I have a problem.

It seems that whether it is mains suppliers, communication providers or government offices help is not close at hand.
Here is one short example: My mum turned 60 in April so a month before her birthday she made enquires about her pension to see whether she should defer till 65 or not. It is now July and no one will give her anything in writing to tell her what (if anything) she is entitled too.

I run a small business and it is hard enough coping with the day to day admin without large companies and the government adding to my woes. Rather than whinging as I am doing now I have decided to take positive action so expect to find me camping out on someones roof or chaining my self to some railings at some point soon. I did like Jo's idea of sending your shirt to Gordon Brown as a way of saying 'you are taking everything else so why not have the shirt of my back!'. Any suggestions for action please let me know.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


ArtofdanceJo said...

I'm totally into the idea of sending that w*nker Brown the shirt off my back - someone suggested we set up something on Facebook, but I like the physical touch more as it'll get some press.


Glamourpuss said...

I usually stop paying - they soon decide they want to talk to you then. Canelling one's direct debit is a great motivator to the greedy capitalist pigs.