Thursday, 24 July 2008

So much to report.

Yesterday morning at 8.30, whilst waiting for the plumber (who never showed!), I had a flick through the this is Plymouth website and stumbled upon this article. For those of you who can't be bothered to click the link the story is about the mural I have commissioned for the side of my business premises in Plymouth. The front of the building isn't that pretty and desperately needs a coat of paint so I thought I would approach a local artist, Daniel Wheatcroft, to paint a mural on the exterior of the studio depicting two pole dancers.

Ok, so a couple of aspects of the story are slightly misleading, firstly as it says pole dancing club not Pole dancing school the reader could assume we are a lap dancing club, also the whole mural will be 25 foot and the actual dancers will be approx 8 foot high. Also the project will take approximately 10 days to paint although the entire project has taken 10 weeks with the design and planning process. But who wants the truth to get in the way of a good story. At the end of the day this is great advertising for the art of dance and the article allows free discussion about pole dancing as a fitness. Check out the controversial comments that have been made on the story and feel free to add your own!

I must thank the electrician, Norman Muzzell from Muzzell lighting for some great work as always, not only are his prices good but his customer service is great. In addition to electrics he also is a provider of sound and lighting equipment and has worked on several events for me. Norman will be installing some new lighting for me as soon as the mural is complete so that it will be floodlit at night.

Check out the fantastic article on Rosanna and Sue's choreography of the full Monty. See picture right! Hopefully Jo has been carrying out the selection of stretches I sent her via e-mail earlier!

Finally my new PC is up and running and most of the new software is installed, a huge thank you goes out to Fabrice from NRG telecom for all his help in resolving the problems, I am sure he must be extremely fed up with my calls by now but I simply couldn't have resolved the situation without him.

Just a reminder to any students that the art of dance will be closed tomorrow evening as we all off to watch Flashdance the musical, apparently it features a pole dance! Also as a result of my old PC crashing I have no database so if any of you want to get in contact just send an e-mail to with your address, e-mail and phone numbers so I can update the new system. I thought I would finish today's blog with a picture taken by my husband that shows Chris from global eye photography, Jo and I looking like we are staying in an asylum!

Off to perform now so Stay healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

You know, I reckon you should enter Businesswoman of the Year. I love the way you run your company and participate so fully in your community. You're an inspiration!