Monday, 8 July 2013

Stop the development of Central Park

I have just objected to the proposals for yet further development within central Park in Plymouth. You would think this would be a fairly easy process, just log onto the Plymouth City Council website click on planning (view and object) and type in part of the address but this is not the case. I tried putting in 'Home Park' and 'Outland Road' as search terms but nothing came up so I called P.C.C to find out more. Apparently the search terms hadn't been added although no reason was given for this. If you would like to submit a comment then here is the planning application number as without the planning number you won't be able to object - 13/00942/FUL

After finding the application things should be straightforward right? No, think again. When you submit your comment you need to scroll down the page and select the yes box otherwise it is automatically selected to 'no'? Who on earth developed this website and why on earth would anyone take the time to fill in the comments form and then want to click 'NO' I don't want to submit my comments. Is this merely another way to prevent people objecting? Anyway after jumping through these various hurdles I managed to submit my objection. These are the comments I submitted today:

I strongly object to any further commercial development at Home Park. My main objection is due to the fact that there is a restrictive covenant on the land to protect the park from development. We should not allow any more green space to be taken away from the people of Plymouth. My second objection is due to the type of development proposed as I believe these proposals will only bring low paid, part time job opportunities to Plymouth.

Since the development of the Life Centre (which I also objected to) we have seen an increase in traffic and noise problems for local residents and those travelling through this area. I do not believe we should be making this problem worse and I can't see, from the developers plans, that the situation will improve if this goes ahead.

I do not believe that an important need for this city is yet another cinema.

Currently the Argyle stadium is indicating a lack in attendance of supporters so I fail to understand why we need a bigger stadium?

To be honest I can't really find anything within the application that I support. Please leave our park alone it belongs to the people of Plymouth and should be protected for that reason alone.
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Here are a few links to other objectors: Janice Hunt's objection (Chair of Friends of Central Park)  Jon Mitchells' objection, Mrs J Kitching's objection,

Due to my complete lack of faith in both our current Labour and previous Conservative council I think that the proposals for Home Park will go ahead regardless of whether the people of Plymouth want it to go ahead or not. As usual commercial development that does not make our city better will be put before what the people of Plymouth actually want.  We won't get an improved bus station, we won't see HMS Plymouth return, we won't get an airport but we will get an IMAX cinema owned by people who live outside the city so we can watch more money get drained from our economy. Plymouth kids can look forward to taking one of the amazing new part time jobs selling popcorn and burgers, it's hardly a dream career.

Stay healthy,

Sam x