Monday, 3 September 2012

Little Spinners. The sexualization of children within the media

I am not going to comment on the documentary I about to share as I would rather allow you to make your own mind up on the subject of children pole dancing for fitness.

Well done to the team from Bournemouth University who made the documentary, were a pleasure to work with and who got great results for their hard work:

"The topical issue of sexualization of children within the media drove this documentary through our 2nd year project studying BA (Hons) Film Production and Cinematography at Bournemouth University. This documentary covers the debate around children's pole dancing classes talking with some of the most referred to individuals regarding the controversy in the press. We heard the voice of the people as well as those with a strong belief in the matter."

Director: Joey Seery
Produced by Cansen Yilmaz
Camera: James Chisholm
Assisted by Rajane Kaur and Sam Dixon

Thank you to Joey, Cansen, James, Rajane and Sam :)

Stay Healthy,

Sam x