Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Camping and other adventures

Life seems so busy at the moment that finding time to blog is limited, most of my time seems occupied with either the art of dance or the Pole Dance Community. Last weekend was the first weekend in ages that I didn't have work commitments so I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The Weekend did not start as planned as one of my neighbours decided that as he couldn't make it to Glastonbury then Glastonbury could have to come to Greenbank, he partied till 1am which was fine but then started again at 4am and by 6.30am the street had had enough, we must have looked hilarious as several of us piled out of our houses, dressing gown clad and very tired and vexed. After much door bashing and shouting, peace was finally resumed but it took two days for the swelling on my hand to go down!

Having had the Glastonbury scene forced upon us, my husband and I decided to go camping so we could do the tent experience without the deafening music. We packed the real basics and set of to find a secluded spot where we would not get arrested for trespassing. As you now local knowledge is always a handy thing so we stopped for a pint in the Royal Oak at Meavy to ask a few locals for some advice. A gentleman, sat at the bar, directed us to two spots where he said we would not be disturbed, one of which was located by the riverside which sounded perfect so after a lovely pint of Jail Ale we set of to park the car and trek to our desired spot.

The desired spot turned out to be just as we had imagined, I set up the tent on the edge of a meadow (see picture at top of blog) overlooking the river and surrounded by wood and farmland whilst my husband started making fire! Before long we were cooking jacket potatoes and strips of meat but we were not alone as we had originally thought; I set of to use my new toilet (the base of a tree) when I heard something behind me, it was the biggest pig I had ever seen and I had to stop and question if it was definitely a pig and not some dangerous wild boar and f it posed any risk which of course it did not. I was very glad we had realised we were on a pig farm before darkness had set as the noises that these pigs made would have scared the life out of me.
So, our company of pigs kept us amused throughout the evening and several of them slept close to the tent, after they had finished their hot jacket potato supper! It was soon time for me to retire to the tent for some much needed sleep with a slight detour as I fell over several rocks trying to find my way in the dark, the copious amount of ale had probably not helped my navigation skills!

During the night I was very aware of how much sleep I was missing as the Meavy Church bells chimed on the hour letting me know what time it was, At 4am as I sneaked out of the tent for a toilet visit, the local sheep scurried away from the tent mouth and I realised that the damp had invaded the floor of the tent (should have taken a groundsheet). By 5am the sheep were back and a couple of the pigs were stirring apart from the large female to our right who did not surface till 9am (see picture below). 'Betsy' the dog also made a brief visit at about 8am before being called away by her owner.

Sid started the fire again at 6am and by 10am and a little more sleep (not much!) we were ready for breakfast of hot egg rolls. We were both shattered and ready to pack up and go home - video to follow of my poor tent disassembly.

On Sunday afternoon, as I fought the sleep deprivation, I had the pleasure of an afternoon drink with my Lovely Mum at Chandlers, the view across the Sound was simply stunning and the temperature was equally pleasurable. Queen Anne's Battery is amongst my favourite Plymouth spots and is such a great place to sit and watch the world go by. 

Anyway, enough reminiscing for now as work beckons, I have the pleasure of being a student in Hayley's pole class tonight which I am really looking forward too. More news to follow.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

So much to share!

Today's blog may be a lengthy one as I have so much to share with you. Since my last blog I have been to Bradford and Westhoughton (nr. Bolton). The trip away was part business but mostly pleasure; it started with the lovely 5.5 hour drive from Plymouth to Bradford in the sweltering heat, I am not a motorway fan but needs must. My husband and I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with my lovely Mother-In-Law and the rest of the Remmer family contingent as we celebrated what would have been my husband's grannies 100th Birthday. There was plenty of beer and champagne to be drunk with me opting for the former of the two. We lit Chinese lanterns and set them of into the evening sky. We also heard one of the largest explosions I have ever heard in my life although I am still at a mystery as to what caused the sound. 

On Friday we took a drive across the Yorkshire Dales and stopped for lunch in a traditional old pub; the Old Hall Hill in Threshfield. I indulged in some Baked Camembert and the most gorgeous pint of Caledonian Deuchers (see picture above).

Friday evening saw a trip to Auntie Doreen's to watch England play, or attempt to play. I had to chuckle at a facebook message from David Saunders talking about Slovenia's tactic to win their game against England, they are going to turn up!

Having recently attended the Plymouth Lord Mayor's Day I was interested to see how Bradford's compared and was not disappointed, the town hall featured a huge May pole and a riot of colour as the many groups danced and sang on the main stage. 
I also got the chance to spend a moment at the memorial (pictured below) to all those involved with the Bradford City Football fire of 1985 that claimed 56 lives.  

Saturday evening was the start of my extremely enjoyable working weekend, Sid and I were judging at PDC approved pole dance school JLN Pole Fitness's Summer Party and Pole competition alongside Sarah Collinge and Councillor David Chadwick. The event was held to raise money for the Amy Barnes Foundation, Amy was tragically murdered in 2008 and now her parents have set up a foundation in her name to raise money for a domestic violence charity and a performing arts charity. On arrival at JLN I was greeted by Jess's lovely Mum and Gran before meeting Jess who was in fabulous ladybird style fancy dress. The studio contained 2 beautiful pictures of Amy. Check out Amy's stepdad, John's, amazing pole dancing tribute by clicking here (facebook link). It was a truly inspiring evening that raised £1529.10 for Amy's foundation.

Sunday was the day of my planned master-classes and I had a special session plan ready for the 2 x 1.5 hour session. The session plan included 1 hour and 15 minutes of pole tricks focusing on abs and triceps as well as a 15 minute paired stretch looking at aiding flexibility and mobility. I loved teaching the girls and they all worked so hard.

After the master-class it was time to head back down the Motorway to return home and it was during this drive that I witnessed something unforgettable - my first ever Circumhorizontal arc. The arc is a rare phenomenon caused by an ice-halo formed by plate shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds, it was a truly beautiful site (picture below courtesy of Nat Geo).

Although I had a fabulous trip away it is also lovely to be home and I missed my Mum and my menagerie of animals so much. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend special.

Now it is time to get back to the studio for some serious personal pole training.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pole dancing Controversy

I wanted to write a different blog today but after reading breaking news about a 7 year old pole dancer in today's Sun newspaper, I decided to share the Pole Dance Community response to the press association about the story.

Click here for the full info and links to the original story.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Learn to pole dance in Plymouth

I thought it was time for a bit of shameless (but well deserved) self promotion of the art of dance. We have been teaching pole dancing in the South West since 2004 making us the longest established school in the region. We are also the only Pole Dance Community approved school in Plymouth. To achieve PDC approved status we have to follow a strict set of guidelines as detailed in the PDC's code of conduct:

We never take more than 2 people per pole for our fitness lessons.
All our instructors have at least 3 years experience of teaching pole dancing.
All our instructors are first aid qualified.
We use fixed 50mm chrome pole dancing X-poles.
We carry employers & public liability insurance as well as professional indemnity.
We hold a PRS license.

To adhere to the PDC code of conduct, and to provide the best service we can, costs money which is why we are slightly more expensive than some schools in the area, We know there are schools charging £5 and £6 per lesson but these schools take up to 6 people per pole so they are not actually providing good value for money or good practice. Most other schools don't carry professional indemnity for their teaching.

We have 4 fabulous pole dancing instructors; Rosanna Durban, Hayley Silk, Tamar Preston and myself as well as 2 amazing Burlesque instructors Georgina Gale and Miss Amelia B.

All of our instructors can teach to any ability, age or size. We are here to help you develop to your maximum potential and to help you exceed your own personal expectations. We do not tolerate any bitchiness or intimidation in our lessons so all lessons are fun and friendly. You will find a mixed range of students in our classes, we are certainly not all gym bunnies!

Our members pay just £8 per lesson, Students pay just £7 per lesson (available to sixth form students, City College students, University students and Marjon students). Non members pay £10 per lesson. Pole dancing is a great way to workout making it a cost effective way to tone up and keep fit both physically and mentally.
WARNING - Pole dancing is seriously addictive, once you start you may not be able to stop. There is no cure and it is, for me, the best addiction in the world! I have never found an exercise form that I love so much and the pole dancing industry provides a valuable support network for all pole dancing students and instructors.

If you need any advice about any element of pole dancing or if you need to find a pole school just contact Pole Dance Community, they also sell tried and tested pole dancing products such as X-poles, instructional pole dancing DVD's and grip aids. The Pole Dance Community site will be re-launching in just a few weeks with exciting news that will benefit professional pole dancing schools such as the art of dance.

Stay Healthy,
Sam x

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Guys - log off now (you won't want to read this!)

Ok Ladies, this blog is definitely just for you. I am proud to announce that I am now an official agent for the fabulous Mooncup. If you haven't heard of the Mooncup then which planet have you been on? The Mooncup is a silicone menstrual cup designed as the perfect alternative to tampons and pads. As a pole dancer and a generally active person there is no way I could get by just using pads and even tampons can have their drawbacks, the Mooncup is the perfect alternative allowing me to pole dance during my period without worrying about any accidents!

The Mooncup is not only good for you but it is good for your wallet and the environment; At just £19.99 including postage and packaging the Mooncup will last a lifetime so you can imagine the saving you are making compared to buying traditional sanitary products. Also think about the waste you are saving and the benefits that can have for the environment with a reduction in packaging and products as well a a reduction in waste!

I have now been using a Mooncup for over 4 years and would never dream of going back to tampons or pads. The Mooncup comes in 2 sizes; A + B, A is for ladies over the age of 30 and / or those who have had children, B is for ladies under the age of 30 who have not had children. To purchase your own Mooncup just click here and get converted!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Alesia V- pole dancing on Britains Got Talent.

OK, so if you blinked you would have missed Alesia Vazmitsel pole dancing on Britain's Got Talent last Saturday. ITV were not overly generous in the air time that they gave to Aleisa but at least she got through to the live auditions which means we get to see much more of her.

For those of you who don't know who Alesia is then let me fill you in; Alesia arrived onto the pole dancing scene with a bang when she entered and won Miss Pole Dance UK 2008. I had the pleasure of performing alongside her as I had also entered the competition that year (unfortunately this was the year when I fell off the pole!). Here is a brief biog for Alesia courtesy of Pole Passion;

"Alesia started ballet dancing at the age of four. From age 11 Alesia trained at a circus school and then worked in the National Circus of Belarus as a gymnast and dancer. Alesia has been pole dancing since 1997, she is a mesmerising performer and is very inspiring to watch........Her hobbies include various sports and travelling, she also holds a Bsc in Business Administration."

Alesia is a beautiful dancer and her grace and flexibility will surely demonstrate to the mainstream TV audience that pole dancing does not have to be sleazy, and, is most definitely an art from when it is performed so beautifully. 

If you missed Alesia's audition on Week 7 of Britain's Got Talent then just click here to view and click here to see Alesia pole dancing at the launch of Pole Dance Community approved pole dance school the British Pole Dance Academy.

Don't forget to tune into Alesia's live performance on Friday 4th June between 7.30 and 8.30pm.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x