Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Learn to pole dance in Plymouth

I thought it was time for a bit of shameless (but well deserved) self promotion of the art of dance. We have been teaching pole dancing in the South West since 2004 making us the longest established school in the region. We are also the only Pole Dance Community approved school in Plymouth. To achieve PDC approved status we have to follow a strict set of guidelines as detailed in the PDC's code of conduct:

We never take more than 2 people per pole for our fitness lessons.
All our instructors have at least 3 years experience of teaching pole dancing.
All our instructors are first aid qualified.
We use fixed 50mm chrome pole dancing X-poles.
We carry employers & public liability insurance as well as professional indemnity.
We hold a PRS license.

To adhere to the PDC code of conduct, and to provide the best service we can, costs money which is why we are slightly more expensive than some schools in the area, We know there are schools charging £5 and £6 per lesson but these schools take up to 6 people per pole so they are not actually providing good value for money or good practice. Most other schools don't carry professional indemnity for their teaching.

We have 4 fabulous pole dancing instructors; Rosanna Durban, Hayley Silk, Tamar Preston and myself as well as 2 amazing Burlesque instructors Georgina Gale and Miss Amelia B.

All of our instructors can teach to any ability, age or size. We are here to help you develop to your maximum potential and to help you exceed your own personal expectations. We do not tolerate any bitchiness or intimidation in our lessons so all lessons are fun and friendly. You will find a mixed range of students in our classes, we are certainly not all gym bunnies!

Our members pay just £8 per lesson, Students pay just £7 per lesson (available to sixth form students, City College students, University students and Marjon students). Non members pay £10 per lesson. Pole dancing is a great way to workout making it a cost effective way to tone up and keep fit both physically and mentally.
WARNING - Pole dancing is seriously addictive, once you start you may not be able to stop. There is no cure and it is, for me, the best addiction in the world! I have never found an exercise form that I love so much and the pole dancing industry provides a valuable support network for all pole dancing students and instructors.

If you need any advice about any element of pole dancing or if you need to find a pole school just contact Pole Dance Community, they also sell tried and tested pole dancing products such as X-poles, instructional pole dancing DVD's and grip aids. The Pole Dance Community site will be re-launching in just a few weeks with exciting news that will benefit professional pole dancing schools such as the art of dance.

Stay Healthy,
Sam x

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