Sunday, 7 October 2012

Save Plymouth

So rather than actually trying to save Plymouth Airport, Plymouth City Council leader Tudor Evans suggests that the people of Plymouth need to write to the current Prime Minister to ask him to save the airport instead. So here is my letter:

Dear David Cameron,

I request your help to save Plymouth from a series of consecutive, failing council leaders and their accompanying parties. It seems that for too long Plymouth has been let down by either the Tory led council of former leader Vivien Pengelly or the current Labour led council run by Tudor Evans.

We have endured the same set of faces for many years each promising to inject new life into Plymouth if elected and then once elected forgetting their pledges (this must sound familiar to you David).

It seems that what the people of Plymouth want they certainly don't get. We never asked for an incinerator but we are still getting one, we never asked for the football club to be saved yet tons of money was poured into our failing club, we asked for help to save our airport but instead we see a lucrative housing deal overshadow the important issue of improving Plymouth's infrastructure.

Without an airport Plymouth is already losing business, investment and tourism. I am a frequent traveller but recently have had to turn down opportunities to represent the UK in both Poland and Croatia as the travel implications are just to difficult to make the business trips financially viable. 

This isn't just a loss for the people of Plymouth but it also means that many tourists, as well as friends and families of Plymothians may not get the chance to visit our amazing city. We have one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and we are surrounded by stunning coastline and beautiful countryside.

It is such a shame that our councils have failed us so badly and have held their own personal interests over the interests of the people they serve (again David I am sure this is all too familiar to you).

My message to you and to Plymouth City Council is to stand up for the people you are meant to be serving, the people who bothered to elect you (you may want to remind yourselves that neither your cabinet or Plymouth City Council were voted in by a majority and you certainly didn't attract record numbers of voters).

So please stop the party politics, stop hiding behind EU legislation and loop holes, stand down and let someone who really cares do the job to serve its people.

Of course I have not sent this letter as it would be merely ignored but I do feel that we need some serious change at both local and national level.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x