Sunday, 6 July 2008

Remembering Sue

Well yesterday was a very eventful day and didn't start as planned, On the A303 just before Yeovil I had a blow out, luckily I was on the inside lane and was in fairly slow moving traffic and was right next to a lay by. The spare tyre and jack were fine so I started to replace the very badly damaged tyre. I have to thank Dale Pittman, a roofer from Yeovil, who stopped to make sure my mum and I were OK, he helped with the tyre change as I was already covered in oil and directed me to the nearest garage so I could buy a new tyre, It is so nice to know there are still some good Samaritans out there.

After the delay we manged to get to the crematorium on time and sat through a moving service, before going onto the wake. I was a little aware that my dress, which has been on a hangar for a very long time had stretched a lot and was perhaps far to low cut to wear to a funeral but I had no alternative. Excess cleavage at a funeral really isn't the desired look but at least I was wearing pink as requested and my cardigan hid most of the undesired flesh.

Sue's sons, Robert & Seb, and sister read beautifully and the day did turn out to be a fantastic celebration of Sue's life. There were flowers on the coffin but the family requested that we all donated to the following charities - the
British Heart Foundation and the Headway - brain injury association- rather than buying more flowers.

The wake was held at Sue's brother house and was a chance to chat about Sue's life and remember all the best times. It was great to catch up with Sue's three sons, Robert, Stephen and Seb and I hope that we will remain in contact. It does seem sad that Sue died so tragically just before her retirement which she was so looking forward to , life had already dealt her some difficult blows yet she always battled on and I remember her as a happy and caring individual and I know that she was a very dear friend to my Mum.

If you or anyone you know are affected by bereavement then you may find the facing bereavment website really helpful.

It was a long day, having set of at 10am and not returning till 10pm, I find motorway driving extremely tiring and the bad weather did not help matters. I feel fine today and am just catching up on some admin in the office whilst Rosanna and Sue work with 5 guys who are doing the full Monty for charity - full details to follow. Also thanks to Jo for holding the fort while I was away, my business would not survive without her and the rest of the team.
More news on Monday as today I will be resting (have forgotten what rest is!) and using catch up TV to watch Dr Who, Criminal Justice and then brand new Top Gear.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


SarahB said...

my sympathies go out to your mum. i lost my best friend yesterday after she battled with stadge 4 skin cancer for 11 months. we've been friends for 25 years. She leaves behind a husband and 2 daughters. its a sad cruel world at times x said...

Hi Sarah,

It always seems to happen to the nicest people. My thoughts are with you,

Sam x