Saturday, 26 July 2008

A night at the Theatre

Well what an amazing night, if you haven't already and you get the chance you must see Flashdance the musical, it is simply stunning. The energy throughout the show was superb and Arlene Phillips' choreography was electrifying. One small criticism regarding the pole dancing was that it looked poor, OK so the girls were meant to be dancing in a strip bar and were not meant to be the best pole dancers in the world but it wasn't the greatest choreography either. That aside I couldn't fault the performance or the amazing set. I would love to know where the theatre got their podium poles from as they looked solid and had built in lights. Well done Theatre Royal for following on from Mary Poppins in such style, a great world premiere for Plymouth.

Tomorrow will be a long day for Jo, Rosanna, Sue, Hayley, Kelly and I as we are exhibiting from 10-4 at the Devon Car Show at Devon & Exeter Racecourse followed by a trip to Raffles to watch the Full Monty. I was treated to a dress (or undress) rehearsal this morning and the set is really coming together. I did learn that Velcro trousers are not actually that easy to remove and could result in injury if performed incorrectly i.e. bending at the knees, Also the Velcro thongs decided to pop off very prematurely so will need a re-think! I am sure tomorrow will be a cracking day.

After our performance at Raffles on Thursday evening we raised nearly £600 for
St Luke's Hospice and we are hoping that by the end of tomorrow the grand total for the week will be nearer £4,000. I will keep you posted on the final sum and add some pictures from our night and the Full Monty, if you can't wait then just click here to read Jo's blog which has a few piccies from Thursday.

The last few days has highlighted how great my life is at the moment, I have had the pleasure of spending some time with my amazing mum as well as being joined by my fantastic staff team who have been donating much of their time for nothing to help raise money for St Luke's and to raise awareness of the art of dance. I now need to spend some quality time with my husband too and hopefully next weekend will give us the opportunity to enjoy each others company as well as enjoying our fantastic new BBQ - pictures of this feat of brick building to follow!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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