Monday, 28 July 2008


Before I start the main topic of today's blog I must share something with you, the wonderful designer VJ Pablo has joined the art of dance facebook group and posted some amazing pictures, check out the picture (left) of the wonderful Jenyne on the pole, stunning! To see more pictures check out the art of dance facebook group.

I would like to think I am always careful in the sun but this becomes difficult when you are performing outdoors on a pole in the hottest day of the year so far and you can't use sun tan lotion as it prevents you gripping the pole and you can't cover up because you need skin contact to do pole tricks! We were of course performing at the Devon Car Show from 10am yesterday morning until 3pm.
Jo, Sue, Rosanna, Hayley & I did our best to keep hydrated - plenty of mineral water and a lovely innocent smoothie containing goji berries for slow energy release, I took a lovely home made pasta salad containing organic seeds of change spinach pasta, seared tuna chunks, fresh spinach, lentil and bean sprouts, mixed seeds and a splash of balsamic vinegar and plenty of ground black pepper. I also got through a vat of peppermint tea.

I now have minor sunburn which is not good and stupid tan lines in the shape of hotpants and a sports bra as well as some very sore areas n the backs of my knees from standing with my back to the sun in an effort to avoid the harsh rays. I thought I had been careful but obviously my precautions were not enough.

Our first performances were at the edge of the main site before we were moved to the main stage performing alongside Chris Gilchrist and his team of beat breakers. Chris and the guys will hopefully be linking with the art of dance in September when they will be offering various urban street classes in our second Plymouth studio. The second studio will have a packed timetable of classes including Burlesque, podium, yoga, flexibility and floorwork. More news on that to follow.

It was a long day for all of us and it was a nice relief to get to raffles bar in the evening to watch the full Monty. What a show, the guys performed the full routine without a hitch and shocked the audience by removing ALL of their clothing. Sue. Rosanna & I were each presented with a bouquet of flowers to thank us for helping with the the week's fundraising and the week has raised well over £3,000 so far. Phil will be presenting a cheque to St Luke's very soon.

It was nice to read about Glamour Puss's antics over the last few days, seems she has been busy performing too.

Be warned that over the next week I will be filling the blog with pictures and videos from our last few performances,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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