Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I think my office has been invaded by Gremlins and they are causing me a great deal of stress! It is over 10 days since I have had full use of my office, it started with the main PC dying, followed by a problem with the PC in reception, followed by the ongoing problem with Orange failing to configure my broadband connection effectively (they have assured me that the problem will be fixed today!), add to this the monitor on the main PC blowing a fuse at an hour when nowhere was open. The problems are still ongoing and my mountain of admin is slowly increasing.

It is quite scary how reliant my business is on technology and the last week has cost me dearly. Hopefully things will be back to normality very soon.

One good bit of news was that my Plymouth premises passed it's annual fire check today, one less thing to worry about.

Yesterday saw the start of the Raffles fundraising week for St Luke's Hospice, the week began with a cheese and wine evening sponsored by Gold Star drinks. Tonight is quiz night and tomorrow is games night. Thursday will see me and the rest of the team performing some amazing pole tricks and the gorgeous Georgina Gale will be doing a Burlesque pole striptease! The event is free but we will be taking donations for St Luke's on the night. Sunday will be the final night of the fundraising week with Phil Gill and a team of guys doing the Full Monty, more news to follow on that!

A quick bit of news on our
facebook event - pole dancing bruise of the month, Here is my favourite bruise.

I have just had confirmation of the regional heat for Pole Divas championships 2008 to be held in Bristol on 6th September at Pole-play studios.I am also thrilled to learn that our star student and art of dance receptionist, Tamar Preston, is entering the amateur section. I will keep you posted on further news regarding the competition.

Lastly Congratulations to AmyTree for completing the race for life last Sunday!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

OMG Sam!!! Your (I assume?) legs look ...well, pretty bruised. Aagh.

Race for Life was wonderful!!!!!


sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

Not my legs but those of a lady called Shavaya Huskinson, she is one of the 4 entrants to the bruise of the month competition!

Sam x

Anonymous said...

thankyou Sam! though I'm actually entering the advanced level which means i can invert and put my hips above my head! Tamar xxx

ArtofdanceJo said...

Love the photo of your husband (top)! J xxx