Sunday, 1 June 2008

The morning after.

The night out at Annabel's started wonderfully and everyone gave great performances, that is apart from me, my sweaty palms got the better of me again and I failed to achieve any parallel handstands as well as nearly falling out of my new trick which still has no name (I will post a picture in the week and try to get a name for the trick too!). Jo danced second and put on a beautiful performance to Berlin - Take my breath away (song thief!!), she , like me, found the pole quite slippy but it didn't reflect in her performance. Next up was Hayley who has clearly advanced dramatically since I last saw her dance, her strength and flow were superb and she also oozed sex appeal whilst dancing to Ain't no other man by Christina Aguilera.

Next up was Nixi who had just returned from London where she and the rest of the UPPDC entered Eggheads, Nixi can't tell me how it went yet but she was smiling from ear to ear so things can't have gone too badly, I will try to find out when the programme is being aired. Nixi, flexible as ever performed a cheeky little routine to a song called black and gold and managed to sneak in some bottom gyration / body waves during a V-leg shoulder mount, I think Chris (Nixi's other half) videoed Nixi's performance so will try to get a copy to share with you later.

I must have words with Mr Turpin for not bringing his video camera as promised, I think I will get Jo to give him a serious spanking during the week on my behalf!

Next up was Mia, I was expecting Mia to be good but not that good, my god the girl performed her heart out with a stunning performance ending in a fantastic extended butterfly - Go Girl!

Tamar followed Mia and her performance was equally stunning, Tamar's style has improved so much since the Birthday bash last year, she had a great choice of song and included a brilliant knee conditioning trick in her routine. I was so proud of her and Mia for doing the art of dance proud.

The penultimate showcase came from Neil Bunting, husband of lovely student Sarah and father of another lovely student Sarah (junior). Neil bravely removed his top in front of many screaming ladies and then demonstrated the flag (half mast) and shoulder mount - very strong, very impressive. I must add that the Buntings are now definitely a pole dancing family, 8 year old Amy joined my class on Tuesday night along with her mum and Neil has agreed to attend my forthcoming Chinese pole workshop (dates to be announced).

The finale was performed by the beautiful and sensual Georgina Gale aka Sue, Sue did a Pole / Burlesque performance to Parisienne walk by Gary Moore and wowed us all. My husband commented that Sue's performance was particularly stimulating (N.B. personal joke between me, Sue and my husband!)and we were all cheering and clapping throughout. I really don't think Sue realises quite how good she really is.

I am going to invite all the performers into the studio to video their performances as they were simply too good to miss.

I was just about to dance again when Sarah pointed out that bits were flaking of the ceiling, I looked up to see the dome of the x-pole receding into the ceiling! Poor Annabel looked like she wasn't having the best night already and didn't need me running downstairs announcing that my pole had just gone through the ceiling of her club! She sent me a reassuring text later but I still felt awful. I had been advised by one of her staff to put the pole in place and was assured that there was a strong joist in situ. Anyway, the night ended rather abruptly but thank you to all the students and their friends and families for turning up and being a great crowd.

I woke this morning to view my new stigmata, for those of you who don't pole dance you will have no idea what I am talking about. Pole dancers often have bits of skin missing from their feet and both my feet have little red scabs on them this morning from pole abrasion. Despite the stigmata I have no bruises.

My last comment for today is news of a new pole school opening within 2 miles of my studio, my initial reaction was quite negative but competition can be a good thing and I also know how hard it is to get a business to work, Another city gym are already struggling to make their pole classes work so it will be interesting to see how my new competitor gets on. What competition does do is to motivate me so be prepared for a more determined me rushing about this week and generally by very productive. Bring on the competition!

Must be time or me to have a bath and nip of to the farm shop followed by lunch with my family to celebrate my grandads 85th birthday celebration. Oh and thanks to the seagulls (picture top left) for posing so beautifully in front of the wedding cake (pictured below right- picture courtesy of on Plymouth Hoe.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


SarahB said...

yeah shame about the ceiling it kind of brought everything to an abrupt end of what was an fab evening. Neil is feeling slightly responsible for it!!!!

AmyTree said...

Bummer about the ceiling but no one got hurt!!!

Wonderful night, everyone was superb... So proud to be a part of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was really impressed with everyone last night, Mia's song was wicked:). It makes me really keen to keep practising and improving!

The researchers will let us know 2 weeks before Eggheads is shown, they werent sure of the dates due to Wimbledon. Do tune in, its a Brilliant show :) :)!!
Caly xx said...

Hi All,

Annabel was fine about the ceiling, Will be booking another night out next month.

Hope to see you all at the next Westcountry Pole jam - Sat 21st June!

Sam x

Glamourpuss said...

Well, that all sounds grand. As to the competition, I'm a firm believer that we all get the students that are right for us. A competitor set up literally across the street - feet away - from us and we're still going. Helps that they're expensive and up themselves, of course.