Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Pole star ill tsar

I have my husband's virus and feel like poo, today's events have not enhanced my illness. Firstly it is that time of the month when a woman does not feel at her best and to add to the situation my PC displayed the 'blue screen of death' indicating there was a problem with my hard drive. As I only have the software for the back up hard drive on my broken PC I could not access the back up files either. Luckily Fabrice from NRG telecom came to my aid and restored computer normality whilst laughing at my fear of losing all my files. It is scary how reliant my business has become on e-mails and the Internet.

I have to report that the moon cup (pictured top left) I referred to in previous blogs is simply brilliant, no leaks, no discomfort, no nasty tampons. I cannot praise the moon cup highly enough. I received confirmation of the art of dances attendance at the forthcoming Devon Car show to be held on Sunday 27th July at the Newton Abbot Racecourse. The art of dance instructors will be performing throughout the day as well as having a go at Sumo wrestling in big inflatable suits of course!). Let's hope we get some good weather.

For pictures and info on Glamour Puss's fire walk just click here or here. Despite feeling unwell I managed 30 minutes on the pole with Jo & Rosanna, My strength was a little below par but I still manged to get through my entire tricks training routine apart from my elbow hold handstands. I am looking forward to returning to full fitness asap.

I am now off to wallow in my illness with my husband who is not feeling much better either.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

Good news re the mooncup - I've been intrigued by them. May have to order one.