Friday, 6 June 2008

Today I bought 12 tickets to see Flashdance The Musical at the Theatre Royal. Thanks to Holly Hardy, one of our lovely students, from the Theatre Royal for reserving the tickets for us and making sure we have great seats! Myself, most of my staff and my mum will be attending the performance on 25th July and I can't wait.

Yesterdays yoga session with local teacher Claire Nash was fantastic although it brought home just how battered my body is at the moment. My general strength has been particularly low at the moment with lots of aches, pains and muscle tightness. I though that much of the problem stemmed from my notoriously weak hamstrings but during the yoga session I realised that my calf muscles were also not as flexible as they should be. I also noticed a serious imbalance between the right side of my body and my left side. My left side is far more flexible than my right. The lesson learned is that pole dancing is a high impact sport and unless I keep up regular yoga sessions and the odd visit for a sports massage I am going to be damaging my body. Jo & I have booked Claire for another private session next Thursday which I am thoroughly looking forward to.

Rosanna & I have been invited to dance at an event in Pakistan but am having serious doubts about whether to accept the contract or not. The artist management company who are organising the event are established and trusted within the industry and I have done similar events before but my concerns lie with fears for my safety whilst in Pakistan.
The Foreign and commonwealth office advise against travel to parts of Pakistan but not all areas so I am seeking further advice as to whether I should travel or not.

After two hours of teaching spinning pole I am lucky enough to be out with the wonderful AmyTree and the Dude. I will get to see the Dudes karaoke talent in the flesh as well as enjoying a curry (Sri Lankan Prawn) and a pint deal for £5 at raffles bar. I hope that my victims, oops sorry I meant students, are prepared for my masterclass tomorrow.
Stay Healthy,
Sam x


AmyTree said...

What a lovely night!! I am looking forward to your masterclass, assuming I survive Nixi and Rosanna first. :-) said...

I have a hangover. The Dude was fantastic!

Sam x