Thursday, 19 June 2008

Setting a bad example

OK, so this is not going to be a blog full of health and fitness advise due to the fact that I drank far too much last night, I spent the evening in the Navy pub drinking St Austell Tribute and then moved to the Dolphin Pub where I consumed some gorgeous pints of Bass (trust me if you are going to drink Bass then this is the place to drink it!). The Dolphin Pub is a proper no frills pub for real people and was a favourite haunt of the late artist Beryl Cook see picture left.

Foolishly I forgot I had a spinning pole lesson today at 2pm which is never a good idea on a hangover but it serves me right. After the spinning pole session I did an hours yoga and now have some more pole practice to do before going out for hair of the dog and curry night at Raffles followed by the Quiz night at the Woodside. Healthy living will resume very shortly promise.

I want to wish Glamour Puss all the best for tomorrow when she attempts to walk on fire! Rather her than me.

Also an update on my cousin Val who has just sent me this comment pointing out that she was not in Jordan but was living in Beirut: "
I actually moved from Jordan to Lebanon in April, so the violence and evacuation all happened in Beirut. The situation in Lebanon was really terrible for a few days, but I was fortunate that I was able to get out. I happened to be caught on some of the most heavily targeted streets at the time Hezbollah took over West Beirut. I am glad that I got out safely, but very bummed about the fact that I am no longer living there. Granted it had only been a month, but I was really excited about living there. Beirut is such a beautiful city!, and I had already started making friends, had applied to grad school, and was just getting settled into my apartment. Leaving was really difficult...I had my entire apartment furnished, all of my clothes, books, etc and I just left them all when I evacuated with one suitcase. Now the situation there is "tensely stable" but in all likelihood the violence will erupt again in the fall. Therefore, my work took the decision not to send me back and I will be based in DC again for the foreseeable future. This is not so bad of course, but it wasn't my ideal. I'll be heading back to Beirut in about two weeks to pick up my clothes, close my bank account, all is not lost :-)" I am looking forward to Val's pending visit in August and am glad that she is safe.

One bit of health news that I thought may interest you is the current database
of activity providers in Plymouth, the idea has been set up by Plymouth Guild to help their active for life project. The data base is a work in progress so if you run a physical activity in Plymouth you can contact the guild to add your details onto the database or you can simply use it to find activities to participate in.

News to follow on some masterclasses, check out the video footage of Rosanna's last sequencing class.

Off to nurse my hangover,

Stay healthier than me,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

Thanks for your good wishes Sam - I am pretty terrified!

And Beryl Cook was a favourite of mine - I once went to an exhibition opening of her work and got so drunk on Champagne I had to crawl up the street to my house. I feel Beryl would have approved.