Wednesday, 11 June 2008


At long last we seem to be having a summer although the weather does seem to be excellent when I am working and less good on my days off. I managed 35 mins on the pole today, practicing my ridiculous new training programme, but the heat got the better of me. Once your palms sweat profusely the pole becomes a dangerous place and the skin abrasion feels twice as bad on a hot day. It didn't help that whilst attempting Panthera's spin and snap I forgot to lock with the back of my knee and feel to the floor at speed in a crumpled mess, what was I thinking? Anyway all was fine, no injuries.

I have started watching a bit of Euro 2008, still disgraced that England did not make it through. I used to watch a lot of football but have watched less of late, I would like Portugal to win and France to come Second!

It will be a short blog today as it is my night off (got home at half seven because evil Jo had booked me to do reception, you just can't get the staff these days!- Only joking). I am looking forward to an hour of Eastenders and a few glasses of St Austell Proper Job (pictured top left).

News to follow on a Plymouth Trapeze class that is about to be sampled by Miss Amy Tree & Dolly, have fun ladies.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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AmyTree said...

I have rope burns on my ankles! :-) Photos to come...