Friday, 13 June 2008

Trapeze classes.

Before I tell you all about the Mists of time trapeze classes I must give you some feedback from Friday night at Lux Park, it was simply brilliant.

I had 11 kids all of about 15 years old, they arrived at Lux Park at about 7.30pm with Fiona the appropriate adult ( I always insist on having an appropriate adult as I am not CRB checked, still trying to get some grant funding so I can get all my staff CRB checked but at present the cheapest courses I can find are about £80 each, then times that by 7 instructors and two receptionists and it is no small sum!).

Anyway 1 of the kids decided that she didn't want to join in and when asked replied that she couldn't be bothered, I didn't hassle her but did explain that if she didn't join in from the start he could not change her mind halfway through, the girl explained that she just wanted to watch her sister to see how she got on. The 10 girls worked like Trojans and achieved some brilliant crucifix poses and headstands including some headstand sit ups. At the end of the session one of the girls shouted out 'Thank you for coming' and then the other girls chimed in with their gratitude, they also asked when I was coming back, I was thrilled that they had got so much out of the session, the two sisters stayed behind and watched me take the poles out and bombarded me with questions about pole dancing. I drove home feeling very smug about the session, the girls were so polite and well behaved I almost wondered whether I had taught the wrong group, they have better social skills than some adults I know.

As promised here is some info about the trapeze classes that are held weekly at Salisbury Road Church in St Jude's every Thursday evening. One of my students Elly Cribbens has been teaching trapeze there along with organiser Rhys Thomas of mists of time. I do not have any contact details at present but will post some in the next few days.

AmyTree and Dolly went to check out the trapeze class for themselves and this is the report I got back from Dolly on Friday "Having been under the expert tuition of Art of Dance for a year and a half, and having recently tried the new gymnastic rings which have been installed in the studio, I was excited to see if I could transfer any of my 'pole skills' to another discipline. On arrival there were several children and young people receiving tuition from Elly, and they were clearly much more bendy and fearless than me! We were taken through a warm-up which was very similar to preparation for a pole workout, then Elly took us through some beginner moves on the trapeze and ropes. Although I spend a good deal of time on the pole hanging upside down, the feeling of hanging by the back of my knees from a horizontal bar with nothing but air beneath me was very different - and strangely reminiscent of playground antics! Elly was a patient and inspiring tutor - her skills on the trapeze and her ability to toe-climb the rope faster than I can shimmy up a pole were impressive and really made me want to come back for more. I now have a completely new collection of bruises, and am already planning routines in my head that it will probably take much longer than I expect to master - all in all a very positive start!"

So all sounds very positive, if you are interested in trying trapeze for your self then watch this space for full details of days, times and prices........

Other news to report is the recent update from Nixi about what she has been up to lately and news on sports bras: My Mum and I did a spot of retail therapy yesterday afternoon although in hindsight neither of us were feeling like walking around town, my um has injured her knee and the muscles in my shoulder girdle are not happy, however we mad the most of it and I know have 5 new sports bras. When you teach a lot you need plenty of kit and a few of my old sports bras had seen better days, If any of you are thinking of purchasing a new sports bra then check out TK Maxx as they had a range of Berlei shock absorbers, my personal favourites for just £6.99, they normally retail at about £24.99. When jumping up[ and down on the pole a good sports bra really is an essential bit of kit.

My Mum bought me a beautiful turquoise bra set from M & S, I plan to wear to for my forthcoming event next Saturday so will try to get some pictures as it is absolutely stunning.

Lastly a big Whinge to Plymouth City Councils street cleansing department, they failed to collect mine and my neighbours bins on Friday morning despite manging to do the rest of the street, After a phone call to the council (think holding system: "You are now in a queue, you are 7th in the queue" etc) I was assured that the bins would be collected same day and the rubbish left from the earlier collections would be cleansed. Saturday did see the removal of my bins, they were a day late and had this been my error I would have been fined but as it is the councils fault no-one seems to want to take responsibility, the mess is still there, my street is strewn with empty plastic bottles and other debris from the bungled recycling collection. It is a disgrace and does not make me proud of my street or council, if anyone from the council is reading this I do have photos of how my street looked after the bin men had been and it is not pretty. What is so wrong is that my neighbours and I have bothered to put our bins out as requested, domestic waste neatly displayed in brown bags and recycling in the correct green containers, due to the slap dash way in which the green containers were emptied much of the rubbish was left on the street so now the council have to pay someone to come round and clean up and no doubt the items will be treated as rubbish and not recycling, why do we bother?

Off to cook a smoked salmon, mushroom and poached egg breakfast with soya and linseed toast for mum and I before popping up to See Jo (may attempt the death lay if my shoulders allow), then of to see my Nana & grandpa then off to a BBQ at my Dad's.

Stay healthy,

Sam x


ArtofdanceJo said...

I'm already CRB checked..... oops, shouldn't have told you that..... kids ain't my thing!

Lovely to see you today!

AmyTree said...

I'm CRB'd too...

I'll second everything Dolly said - the trapeze class was a ton of fun, and Elly was a lovely and very patient teacher.