Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th!

Friday 13th tends to be a good day for me and today is no exception, I am off to Lux Park Leisure centre to teach 9 young ladies tonight as part of the Caradon District Council your group, the scheme is designed to keep young girls of the streets and to get them motivated. The last session I did at Lux Park was brilliant and I am really looking forward to returning tonight.

After my dithering over whether or not to enter the nationals I am now in the process of entering two national competitions, Miss Pole dance UK organised by Pole Passion and Pole Divas (picture left taken at last years finals) organised by Pole-Tastic and Pole-Play. To combat my performance nerves I am trying to cram in as many public performance as possible before the qualifying heats.

My first performance will next Saturday 20th June at Club Vanilla in Barnstaple, Club Vanilla is a swingers club that organised parties on a monthly basis and books performers to entertain its guests, I know this may not seem in keeping with my portrayal of pole dancing in the fitness industry but I feel that the performance will be good practice for me and will also allow me to take world class pole dancing to a different audience.

July 18th will see me dancing at Raffles bar to raise money for St Luke's Hospice, more details to follow soon.

This afternoon I am practicing with Hayley which I am really looking forward to. I must hassle her and the rest of my instructors to update their blogs more regularly!!

I will blog more over the weekend about Amytree and the trapeze class she attended on Thursday, I am told she has rope burns on her ankles! I will also blog about our pending Parkour session and our new ethical company policy.

I must say how pleased I was today to read Jo's blog, I couldn't have put it better myself. Thanks Jo x

Lastly Good luck to my husband and his two fighters, Frank & Paul from Saints Gym, who will be fighting at an event in Sicily over the weekend. I will let you know how they get on.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

I love that wiki link...

Good luck in your performances - wherever they are. And hopefully I'll get to see you at the finals of MPD and Pole Divas.