Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday is farm shop day

Well, I seem to have found a cure for my illness and it involves passing the virus to someone else! I knew I was feeling better when my husband informed me that his throat felt like glass, then within 24 hours he was laying on the sofa clutching two pillows looking very sorry for himself! I, however, feel great! And it is only 4 days till my holiday in the Algarve, click here for details of where I am staying (smug or what?).

The key to fighting a cold or to general well being is eating good stuff. Sid and I like to go to farm shops and buy fresh local produce and we ventured out today with nowhere particular in mind, We saw a sign for a dog show so we thought it might be fun to drop in and see what was going on, we pulled into a non-descript field and saw 6 dogs being heavily criticised by a short man in wellies with a gruff voice. A small girl of about 10 years old won best in her show for her poodle and everyone seemed happy, It all seemed a bit surreal. We could see a sign for a farm shop but the place did not look open, however, we decided to have a look anyway, as we entered the corrugated iron and plastic shed we were greeted by a vast array of fresh home grown vegetables, milk and eggs. We had found Vincent's Farm shop and Vincent was there, he was happy to chat about his shop and apologise for its modesty but he needn't apologise as it was amazing. We spent £9 and came back with bags full of produce.

Vincent pointed out that his son, Richard, normally runs the shop but Vincent had just been on holiday and had flown for the first time in his life. His farm shop is well worth a visit. When you are buying locally it is easy to be conned. It is only a few weeks since Sid & I went to the new 'farm shop' adjacent to Endsleigh Garden Centre and we were really disappointed. It is easy for companies to cash in on the drive to do your bit for the environment.

Anyway, the farm shop at Collard Lane was great, the dinner I am cooking will hopefully be equally great, Next time you are shopping bare Vincents in mind and if you have time don't forget to ask about Vincents 'educational time' in Gran Canaria! There are loads of little farms out there that just need finding.

One more point for discussion - Last night I rediscovered St Peter's Brewery in Suffolk via a beautiful glass of Honey Porter, now if you are going to drink then you might as well drink something made from pure spring water and the finest organic hops. Even the Queen has recognised how fantastic this little company is and gave them an award to coincide with her 80th Birthday celebrations. As usual I have to remind you to drink sensibly and if you are going to drink then please drink lots of water the day after! Oh and thanks to moor and more beer for helping me rediscover St Peters!

Stay Healthy

Sam x