Wednesday, 19 September 2007

New training tips and general whinging

Firstly a video that was sent me today from Bret Stalcup, it is a heavy training regime for serious body building, be warned that Bret is lifting 150 pounds, not a suitable weight for everyone to be lifting! Click here for the vid and Thanks to Bret for sending it - Bret's new video.

I managed to get to a yoga session with my favourite yoga teacher Lesley Bishop, she teaches on a Tuesday night at Clearbrook Village Hall on Dartmoor. The yoga really helps my fitness particularly my flexibility. Lesley had a few moves up her sleeve to really work my shoulders. It was a good session.

If any of you heard Radio Devon yesterday evening you would have heard myself and Jo putting Paul Moxham through his paces on the pole. Paul is a radio presenter with real talent, he put us all at ease and the interview went really well. I have a copy of it so will find out if I am allowed to add it to my blog. Watch out Gordon- you have competition!!!

I mentioned in a previous blog that a fat gene should not be blamed for obesity but I would like to mention that our body shape is dictated by our genetic shape, there are three basic shapes: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. The body shape is not an excuse for being out of shape but does dictate how you should train to achieve your desired body shape. If you are an endomorph then you need to control your diet more seriously as you are less likely to burn fat, if you are a mesomorph then you have the body that others dream of, you appear to be able to eat more but that is cause you burn it faster, Anyway enough boring fact. If you want more info click onto this men's fitness report.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my Nan who celebrated her 85th Birthday today. My Nan is one of the best Nan's and has been a great influence on my life (and sometimes a bad influence to in a cheeky way!). Only last\week my Nan feel whilst shopping in town, a kind lady offered to help but my Nan said she was ok and could get up on her own. Then a young gentleman of 19 walked past and my Nan decided she could do with a hand - Nice one Nan!

Off to put my feet up on the sofa!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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