Monday, 24 September 2007


Yours truly - the health and fitness advisor is not healthy and not fit - I have a throat infection (seems like tonsillitis) and am feeling sorry for myself, I am blaming the university students for bringing a large selection of germs into Plymouth and into my studio! I feel like I have been swallowing glass and am sat in the office staring at the computer trying to motivate myself to get some more work done!
I exhibited in Exeter yesterday for Face of Exeter and felt that my performance was not up to normal standards, by midnight I was feeling rough. I will post a video of mine and Rosanna's performance in the next week for your perusal. I think it is fair to say that everyone loved the show, The hair and make up artists from HQ hair and Beauty were excellent and hopefully the show raised a good amount of money for Force - the cancer charity. Congratulations to the winners - Chris and Abi (see picture above).

So how can I write about health when I feel so groggy. I will be resting my aching body today and tending to my war wounds from the weekend. All sympathy greatly received, I will not be blogging tomorrow as it is Ashley's funeral which probably wont help me to feel much better.
Advice for today is aimed directly at those who may be feeling poorly like me - here is some advice on the treatment of tonsillitis - click here for more info. For those of you who are not ill you have no excuse for not getting off your backsides and doing some exercise.
Stay Healthy (unlike me!)
Sam x


AmyTree said...

Oh dear - tonsillitis is something I have a rather through knowledge of, having had it a grand total of 5 times in the last few years (the last time being earlier this year). The doctors always try and tell me it's Glandular Fever, and they're always wrong. I recommend all the antibiotics you can get your hands on and lots of sleep - don't try and be tough, it's just nasty!!!

AmyTree said...

I left a comment and Blogger ate it!
Tonsillitis is nasty - and seems to be my particular disease of choice. Having had it 5 times, I think I am qualified to recommend all the antibiotics you can get your hands on along with lots of sleep and LOTS of water (even though it hurts!). Hope you're feeling better soon, get some rest! x

Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon, Sam. I remember when I went of to Uni many years ago, I came down with every type of nasty bug you can think of, including glandular fever. UGH! So I think it's perfectly fair to blame the germy students!!!!

Get well soon xxx