Sunday, 2 September 2007

Burlesque brilliance.

Well for any of you who were at Annabel's last night I do not need to tell you how amazing Georgina Gale was. For those of you who weren't lucky enough to make it I can assure you that Georgina gave us two classic performances the first to Feeling Good by Muse - a raunchy number starting with Sue clad in leather from head to toe, it was a sizzling performance with amazing facial expression and just the right amount of suggestion without any real nudity. The second performance was Georgina's Classic - Black velvet, Georgina entered the stage in a full length black dress, long black gloves and Boa, the performance involved a gorgeous set involving a white chair which contrasted beautifully against the black outfit and bright red of Georgina's hair. Amazing!

So what has this got to do with health and fitness you may be asking, Burlesque is about pose, posture and presence and this involves great body awareness. Georginas balance was perfect and she showed her physical health as well as stimulating the mind. The performance also evoked confidence, an essential part of good physical and mental well being.

The bit if this blog that really does not relate to health and fitness is my hangover, which i blame on the poor cleaning fluids used to clean the pipes at a local hotel, had I stuck to a few glasses of bottle conditioned ale I think I would be ok! I am also not used to such a late night and am not a very nice person to deal with if I haven't had enough sleep.

I will write more tomorrow and try to give some expert health and fitness advice when I am actually feeling a bit more human. Oh and my practice yesterday went well in the fact that I lasted for 45 mins on the pole but less well in the fact that I was trying a spinning shoulder climb which involves bouncing around on your collar bone and it seems that my body is now protesting against such a move - Ouch. No pain, no gain!

Fish and broccoli for tea and lots of peppermint and green tea throughout the day to aid the detox process.

Also Thanks to all our students who turned up to support Georgina last night - it was much appreciated.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


AmyTree said...

She was stunning - we were all very proud!!

ArtofdanceJo said...

A superb performance by Sue, pure magic. Regarding Sam's hangover, I'm still hunting around for some sympathy.......nope, none yet.