Saturday, 1 September 2007

Lack of motivation.

I have been a little un-motivated this week, I have felt tired, hormonal and have done very little pole practice. I have taught quite a bit but need to push myself a little harder to keep my own personal pole skills up to scratch. So today instead of taking the day off as planned i have come into the studio for an hour of intensive training. My lack of motivation seems to have been caused by some over exertion (Jo's fault for abandoning me!) and partly due to drinking a little too much alcohol and not eating quite as healthily as I do normally. I even drank coffee three times this week and I know that coffee does not agree with my digestive system. I deserve no sympathy and hopefully the pole will show me no sympathy either.

The aforementioned coffee was particularly enjoyable as I knew that I shouldn't really be drinking it. The last of the three coffee sins occurred only yesterday when I bumped into a friend at the Coffee Shack on the Hoe and enjoyed a naughty Latte overlooking the beautiful natural amphitheatre that is Plymouth Sound. Bliss!

On Thursday I was persuaded to take on a extra piece of work - I have to help one of my instructor's find 2 men with six packs to dance at the T2 Halloween party, it is a terrible chore as I have had to study all the men entering the gym to see if they have a six pack (click here to find out how to get one!) There are some aspects of my job that are definitely more desirable than others.

Now I am rambling again - probably in an attempt to avoid my planned hour of training hell. But I must do it, I cannot write a health and fitness blog without trying to be fit and healthy myself. Wish me luck - will report back later when the bruises start to show.

Oh and if any of you are passing Annabel's this evening then be sure to stop by and watch the art of dance' Burlesque Beauty Georgina Gale strut her stuff. Entry costs £5 and the show starts at 10pm. Definitely one to watch.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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