Saturday, 22 September 2007


Well after a successful Westcountry pole jam at my studio today I seem to be missing several bits of skin, one bit is missing from my shin and the other two bits are missing from my left foot (my climbing foot), This is not good new for my exhibition in Exeter tomorrow. I have vaslelined the skin to try to create a temporary cover but will lose yet more skin tomorrow no doubt. A big thanks to everyone who managed to turn up today.

Aside from my days pole jamming, one of the fighters from our gym - Saints - is fighting in Birmingham today. Omar has been a student at the gym for several years and despite showing signs of being a great fighter he always seems to draw when in the ring - fingers crossed that today will provide him with a much deserved win -I will keep you posted.

As some of you may have read - Jo has been updating her gymnastic skills at the Swallows gym in Plymouth, it all sounded very painful and as Jo's stepson put it "I think I have broken Jo!"

This week sees the launch of this years Sports personality of the year for local people - the event looks set to be a good one.

Here are a few bits of feedback from previous blogs - firstly the milk experiment, Can milk hydrate you better than water? The answer is that it seems to work, well at least with milk you spend less time on the Loo. I am unsure whether I would recommend drinking too much milk but a half pint after training seems to help my general fitness and well being. I still drink lots of water too. The dandelion tea seems to be helping me sweat less but it has been cooler in the gym and some of the effects may be psychosomatic so I can't say for sure.

Anyway -it is Saturday night and I am accompanied by a delightful bottle of Leffe brun, a fine Belgian beer, not generally recommended for a health and fitness regime but very nice nonetheless.

Well it is good bye from me and goodbye from the Leffe,

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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