Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I got Silver!

I have just come second in the International body weight culturist of the month award, narrowly beaten by Bret Stalcup (pictured left) who after spending time in a supermax prison in the US has turned his life around. The guy has done good, he has become a fitness god and has a body that is toned to perfection. For any of you (particularly the ladies) who might be interested in his fitness advice (or would just like to ogle his six pack) click here. Anyway I prefer silver to gold so am very happy with second place.

Now we all know that good diet is essential for good health so why most of todays children eat so badly. I am aware that some schools are trying to improve theri menus but are cafes and restaurants doing the same or are kids only able to access fish fingers and chips or chicken nuggets and chips. Unfortunately this limited diet is extending to us adults. I was perusing a pub menu only yesterday and despite the promise of rel home cooked food I was offered a serving of sauted potatoes (dry, crispy and obviously from a frozen packet)and limp boring salad, the only saving grace was the customer service which was brilliant.
Roll on the beer and cheese tasting session next month at Moor and more Beer in conjunction with Bistro one - two local companies who know about good food and drink , and of course I am advising that you only have cheese or beer in moderation!
Well enough rantings for today - time to go and top up my bruises.
Stay healthy,

Sam x


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Wot larks...