Monday, 17 September 2007

Healthy Eating

Firstly I must apologise to those of you who attended our student night out on Saturday at Annabel's cabaret and discotheque. It was a great night but I was not intending on performing topless, I just picked a bad choice of bikini top! Thanks to all of you who did turn up, it was a really lovely evening and I thoroughly enjoyed showcasing (apart from the temporary nudity!).

My performance on Saturday has given me the boost I needed to get in serious training for the nationals and to keep fit I need to eat well so a good shop was called for. Yesterday my husband and I visited the little farm shop at Roborough Village Recreation Hall and purchased some goodies including organic veg for a Sunday roast and nice things for the week including Gravadlax from
Mikes Smokehouse - yummy! I also have prepared some balanced meals for the week including smoked mackerel Kedgeree, Mushroom Risotto and Seafood linguine.

I found a nice little website that featured lots of local farms where you can buy food direct from them,
click here for more info.

To boost my diet yet further I have some
probiotic organic yoghurt drinks from Rachel's Farm and a plentiful supply of mineral water (Thanks to my husband!). Now if I am going to get extra fit then I want the rest of you to make an effort too!

Now to a slightly different vein - healthy living and fashion. for those of you who are not aware of the term EDW you only need to visit
glamour puss's blog to understand it! EDW or elegantly dressed Wednesday is all about style so I thought I would add a slant to it and think about EEDW - Ethically and Elegantly dressed Wednesday - think high fashion but without your fashion coming from an Indian sweat shop. (What, you may be wondering, does this have to do with health and fitness - well apart from the fact that looking good can make you feel happier I like to think about benefiting the health and fitness of others and if I buy ethically then I know I am contributing to the health and fitness of another individual somewhere in the world)

So what exactly is Ethical fashion? Ethical fashion is about trying to buy fair trade items, organic fabrics and about buying from sustainable sources. Many high street stores including M & S and New look have introduced fairtrade, organic ranges and hopefully many more stores will follow suit. So we can look better without feeling guilty! Here is a nice article on
Ethical fashion.

Well it must be time for me to return to work, my desk is full of stuff that needs attention and my search for a new premises continues. I will leave you with a clickable link for
George bush's new workout regime! Enjoy.

Stay Healthy

Sam x

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Glamourpuss said...

So you're entering MPD this year? Fab news!!