Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Two days and counting till my holiday and already I am starting to feel more relaxed. My mood has been enhanced by a full body massage and an hour and a half of yoga - nice. I had a nice e-mail from Bret today with a link to his blog, interesting reading with some health and fitness tips thrown in -http://bretakmf.blogspot.com/ - cheers bret. No recent comments from Kenshi - are you still reading this, Hope you are well?

How many of you watch the community channel? I know sometimes the programmes can be a bit gushy but the other 80% of programmes are just fantastic and inspirational. It is only a few weeks ago i mentioned the schools project that used parkour to help open children's minds. If you are unfamiliar with the community channel then click here. I believe that health and fitness links in with community projects which improve social links as well as getting people active, motivated and involved with something. a few nights ago I watched a deprived area called Beeston entering the Britain in bloom competition. Everyone was in agreement that seeing people out gardening in the community was very refreshing and the vandalism seemed to be in decline as more of the community got involved - it made me smile.

The community channel also features lots of ideas for volunteering so you can get your workout by putting something back into your local environment.

Something else happened to me last night and it was also truly inspirational - I rediscovered St Peter's Brewery in Suffolk via a beautiful glass of Honey Porter, now if you are going to drink then you might as well drink something made from pure spring water and the finest organic hops. Even the Queeen has recognised how fantastic this little company is and gave them an award to coincide with her 80th Birthday celebrations. As usual I have to remind you to drink sensibly and if you are going to drink then please drink lots of water the day after! Oh and thanks to Moor and more beer for helping me rediscover St Peters!

Well it is sign off time now for me, I have my dressing gown on and my feet up on the sofa - sleep time awaits.

Stay healthy,

Sam x