Monday, 25 May 2009

Why I hate Britain's Got talent.

If it wasn't for the fact that there is going to be pole dancing on Britains Got talent I would be completely boycotting the show and would certainly not be mentioning it in my blog. I will expand on the pole dancing in a bit but first need to vent my anger over BGT in general and last night's show.

Firstly I feel the need to pass comment on belly dancer Julia Naidenko, she may not be the world's best belly dancer but she does have talent however her performance last night was pure manufactured pop and was very sexual, it amazes me that this is deemed ok for a family audience whilst pole dancing is not, Julia's performance would not have looked out of place in a strip club and athough I have nothing against strip clubs I am still angered that this sort of performance is considered ok for kids yet when I demonstrate fitness pole dancing to children I am slated for doing so.

Then there was poor Natalie Okri, Natalie wowed the audience and judges during the auditions with her Alicia Keyes performance but then the production crew got hold of her, gave a her a bad song choice, gave her a sexy dance (surely this is not appropriate for a 10 year old) and then allowed her to be publically humiliated as she was voted off, the sobbing 10 year old was then left to exit the stage on her own - is this really what the people of Britain want to see?

It seems that we the audience do not really get a say in who gets through, the show is cleverly manipulated so that Simon Cowell ensures his favourite acts get through to the finals, to do that some bad acts have to get to the semi finals whilst those who are genuinly talented do not qualify. It also seems that it doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process, Perhpas the BGT team should be reminded that "If you do not have anything nice to say then don't say anything", I thought that as a society we had gone past the years of public flogging and throwing people to the lions but it seems I am sadly mistaken. Having mentioned the previous phrase about not having anything nice to say it is probably better for me not to comment on Darth Jackson.

So onto DJ Talent, Now he may be a very nice guy, although some news paper reports seem to state otherwise but as I don't know him I will reserve judgement. Due to the way BGT is manipulated DJ Talent has acheived a semi final place and the production team have decided that the best supporting act DJ Talent could have is a set of "4 hot dancers" by that the production team mean 4 pole dancers. Now the pole dancers concerned are actually very talented ladies but I fear that they will not get the respect they deserve partly because they have been paired with an act that is sure to get booted off and partly because of the overall image that BGT has for pole dancers and that is not one of respect.

The pole dancing troupe will include 4 ladies: Deb Riley of Pole Queens (pictured below right), Faye Chatterley from Pole-Fit, Becca & Sasha. I wish them all the very best but fear for their treatment on the show, I would love to think that getting the girls on mainstream television will positively change people's percpetions of pole dancing but I worry that will not be the case, however I would love to be proved wrong! Good Luck to the girls and I hope that you get the respect and recognition you deserve. I also hope the gloves I supplied will help the girls perform in the harshness of the hot studio lighting!

If you are a body and pole member you can view the thread on the BGT pole dancing story by clicking this link.

I will be thinking of the girls when they perform tonight as well as sympathising with the performance nerves that must be starting to build by now as they get ready to go on stage. The show will be aired at 9pm tonight on ITV!

I will leave you with a link to AmyTrees blog as it features her new very cute guinea pigs Starsky & Silent Bob! More news to follow on my thieving MP Linda Gilroy, the aftermath of pole dancing on BGT and preparations for art of dance 5th Birthday Ball on the 7th June.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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