Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My Birthday and Pole Portraits

I can't believe it is nearly a week since my last blog, so much has happened since then! I will try and give you a quick update on the weeks events!

A quick report from my birthday trip to the picturesque seaside town of Falmouth on Saturday, My husband & I drove to the Pandora Inn in Mylor for lunch before heading into the centre of Falmouth to collect 2 kakariki and 3 quail. Lunch at the Pandora Inn was gorgeous, I had fresh pan fried mackerel, broccoli and new potatoes in a hollandaisse sauce (see picture right) accompanied by a pint of Local Ale St Austell Tribute - delicious! My husbands choice of meal was less pleasing, he ordered the BBQ spare ribs but had to send the whole meal back as the sauce was so sweet it was inedible. My meal however was without fault. Here is the view from the Pandora Inn.

So after 'our meal' myself and my poor starving husband then went to collect my new birthday birds, we were only meant to be getting the 2 kakariki having decided that the 2 ring necked parakeets on offer may be to boisterous to join my happy flock of rescued birds. The kakarikis were in their carry case ready to go and my husband was waiting just outside the aviary unaware that 3 quail had managed to sneak into my other carry case! All the birds are delightful and have integrated into the aviary well, I will post some pictures of them at the weekend.

Sunday was a long day, I got into the office at 10am and didn't leave until gone 7pm. The day went marvellously well with 5 students attending the pole portrait day. We always have some props available on the day but one of Sunday's props was a little different - see picture left!

I hope that the girls enjoyed the day and are pleased with their final images, check out this image of Tasha doing a beautiful Gemini pose:

Thanks to Chris from Global eye photography for providing his services on the day and getting some great images and thanks to Hayley for doing a fab job in the make-up department. See picture right of Hayley applying make-up to Student Shony. I will post some more images from the day when I have permission from the models!

You may want to check out the latest news from the fantastic production that is 'Ame Du Pole', click here for the latest newsflash. More news to follow about pole dancing on Britains got talent.

Well that is all from me for today as it is my 3rd day in as row of teaching (and I have to cover Hayley's classes in Liskeard tonight.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Happy Birthday - sorry I'm late with that. Head up my backside at the moment. Makes me laugh how many pole/burlesque gals are Taureans - the ultimate female sign!


Amelia B said...

You have my full permission once I have his! Currently trying to decide which prints I want - some are clear winners and some are really...not. Turns out that a straight-on shot of my backside make it look HUGE - who knew? :-)