Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Shoulders ache!

Sue & Rose painting.

Just when you thought I was about to blog about pole dancing think again, my shoulders ache for a very different reason - D.I.Y! Jo, Sue, Mia, Rose & I have been decorating the 2nd Plymouth Studio ready for its pending launch in June. Now as some of you will know painting ceilings is rarely fun and there seems to be no effective technique to make the job easier, roller in hand I made the constant climbs up the ladder trying to remind myself how rewarded I will feel when the job is finished and the studio is open, at present that seems like an eternity away although we are making good progress.

Jo painting and avoiding me with the roller!

I have always said that you should choose an exercise that you enjoy and for me decorating is far from enjoyable although I did have the pleasure of some great company and a pint of St Austell Tribute waiting for me in the pub at the end of the day.

So the back studio is slowly transforming from its original state as three beauty treatment rooms it is now one L-shaped room, the wallpaper and debris has been stripped and Sue has done a brilliant job of filling the many holes and imperfections. Yesterday the first coat of magnolia emulsion was applied so that the room is beginning to look like a studio rather than a building site.

Mia washing the filthy walls.

I cant wait until the studio is finished, the laminate oak effect floor, mirrors and soft lighting will make the room look really plush and it will be a perfect environment for the Burlesque, Yoga with Claire Nash, Pilates, Floor work, Flexibility and other classes that will be taking place there. It will also be used a portrait studio for our resident pole dance photographer Chris Trent of Global Eye Photography.

The added burden of the building work has certainly made my busy timetable even more hectic and I am seriously behind with admin for both the art of dance and the pole dance community but sometimes I function better under pressure. What I really do have to find time for is pole practice as the 7th June looms ever closer I realise I haven't even started to choreograph a routine or listen to my chosen song, I think all of the instructors are starting to panic but I am sure we will all do our best on the night!

So the rest of Sunday beckons and I really must do a few things on the PDC site, enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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