Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy UK Pole Dance Day


Yesterday I was mostly taking hospital strength Codeine with a cocktail of two other rather potent drugs that successfully stopped the pain but resulted in me being completely off my head much to the amusement of my staff and students. Apologies to any of you who were in or around reception between 5pm and 6.15pm yesterday but I must plead diminished responsibility!

As I floated around the office yesterday I found myself laughing for no reason and singing to the computer (poor computer). My GP had advised me to rest whilst on the medication and I had assured her that when I was on the medication I woudl take a few days off work! As you have already gathered that did not happen and in my manic state I couldn't resist the opportunity of a Pole jam with Rosanna, Hayley & Tamar.

Now obviously this is not a recommended activity, pole dancing and strong medication simply do not mix but nothing was going to stop me once I set my mind to it. What was great was that nothing hurt so between dizziness I decided to try some new combinations starting with Gemini handstand to one handed Gemini handstand to hands free chopper (or the hip hold as some people know it). The next new combo that Tamar and I had great fun trying was shoulder mount to the spider and shoulder mount to bat ( despite my hallucinatory state even I wimped out on the latter!). Then it was on to a death drop into reverse shoulder mount and parallel handstand to Chinese flag which is almost there but needs some work before my performance on the 7th June. Also included in my insane jam were climb to flag invert and some new thing that isn't really working but I will persist with anyway - videos to follow when I am a bit more normal or should I say a bit less manic.

Despite the intense session there were no achy muscles as I am still on the meds, I have halved the doses that I was advised to take as I have to perform for 3 hours tonight for our open evening, if I was in the same state that I was in yesterday I would have scared the hell out of any visitors.

Another side effect of the drugs was a desire to eat rubbish food, I craved Pizza all day and when I returned home and I persuaded my husband to order us pizza from Pizza hut: Never again, not only was the pizza disgusting but it was luke warm, the dough wasn't properly cooked, the toppings were minimal and it wasn't cheap. I was deeply disappointed with myself for ordering such rubbish and have vowed never to eat anything from Pizza hut ever again. If you don't believe how bad Pizza hut is just do a google search for 'Pizza Hut bad for you'. Apologies to Sid who told me beofre orderign the damn thing that I woudl not enjoy it.

Anyway due to my present state I will keep the blog short in case I write anything even more irresponsible!

Happy UK Pole dance day to everyone and a big hug ot the lovely Kim Quaintance who after a 4 month stay in hospital is finally home-FAO Kim I hope to see you very soon x

I hope to post a quick vid over the weekend of our open event and will be chasing Rosanna for the additional video footage from our staff team build to Pennywell farm last week.!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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