Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not enough hours in the day

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of blogging recently , it seems that my life is very hectic at present. I am so excited about how things are going with business but am struggling to keep all my eggs in one basket too!. The second studio is progressing very slowly, plans for the 5th Birthday bash are moving forwards and it looks set to be a great night, there are a few tickets left but they are selling fast! We have had confirmation that Burlesque Goddess Miss Glory Pearl (see picture above) will be performing on the night which will be fab.

The new pole dance community site is keeping me out of mischief too and we have new members joining us from across the globe. More news on the PDC to follow.

As if I didn't have enough to to I am taking delivery of 4 new rescued birds on Saturday, they are 2 kakarikis and 2 ring necked parakeets, I will post some pictures of them soon.

On Sunday I will be busy with the pole portrait day at the Plymouth studio in conjunction with Global Eye photography so I probably won't get to blog again till at least Monday! Next week I am teaching every night in Plymouth apart from Wednesday when I will be covering Hayley's classes in Liskeard - no rest for the wicked!

There is someone who is not going to like me very much today! The lovely Ellie came in for her first lesson with me and she worked really hard, I think by today Ellie will be feeling the effects of my beasting. Ellie has taken on the challenge of losing a massive amount of weight and is raising money for Help for Heroes in the process, click here for the full story. More news on Ellie's progress very soon.

Now either I am hallucinating or Rosanna has blog fever, I noticed she has now posted 3 recent blogs!! Anyway check out her recent blog featuring a video of a few art of dance students doing Rosanna's latest routine.

I really shouldn't moan too much about working to many hours as I have tonight off to go for a pre-birthday meal with my Mum at one of my favourite local restaurants, the Mussell Inn at Down Thomas, Yummy! I am really looking forward to spending some time with my Mum and eating some lovely mussels!

It seems we have some potential models amongst our students: Three of our students have entered this years Face of Plymouth competition 2009 - They are Lucy Sings, Sophie Morbey & Alex Bell, You can view all the entrants here.- and Liskeard student Lauren Dodge has entered Miss Cornwall Watch this space for more news and feel free to give them your vote. Good Luck to all the girls!

Any of you who pole dance regularly will be familiar with the problem of not being able to moisturise before getting on the pole, for me this has been a real issue as I am on the pole most days so have not been able to mositurise at all, The result has been very dry skin which is not aesthetically pleasing nor comfortable and also not great for sticking to the pole. Just when I though that I would just have to live with the problem the lovely Bubble aka Robyn informed me of Vaseline Essential Moisture, she claimed that she could put it on before a class and that it even helped her with sticking to the pole - I was very dubious but had to try it.... and it works! I can moisturise less than an hour before getting on the pole, my skin feels soft and my grip on the pole is superb! Bubble - you are a star - thanks for the recommendation!

Before my final comment for today I would like to say how marvellous our Lord Mayor and Lady Badgeress (you can blame Gordon Sparks for this term!) have been over the past year, I will truly be sad to see them go, I have never known any Lord Mayor or Mayoress do so much great work, the new Lord Mayor has a hard act to follow!. I am sure they will be truly missed. (see picture right of Councillor Brian Vincent & Pauline Murphy - image courtesy of The herald)

I can't sign off without mentioning the scandal that is MP's expenses:
- What were they thinking and why haven't they all resigned! I can't believe that none of them are facing legal action. I also notice that Linda Gilroy has still failed to respond to my e-mail questioning why she voted for secrecy for MP's expenses, it is funny that despite having her husband on a £12,000 per year payroll for secretarial duties she still has not been able to get back to me despite the fact that I sent the e-mail over 4 weeks ago, imagine if I took 4 weeks to get back to my customers when they sent me correspondance! Time for some serious change I think!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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