Sunday, 31 May 2009

May is the best month of the year!

I really can't complain: It is a Sunday, I have the whole day of work and the sun is blazing down upon my courtyard (see picture left of the sun streaming down on my husbands BBQ) in addition to that I actually believe that the best act won Britain's Got Talent which wasn't the outcome I was expecting, congratulations to Diversity who have restored my faith (slightly) in BGT.

It is exactly one week until the art of dance 5th Birthday event at RPCYC and part of me is very excited and the other part of me is terrified at the thought of performing at such an important event, I have videoed my performance twice and am disappointed that with just one week to go my performance is far from finished. I am managing the first 2 minutes of the song OK but the third minute is troubling me immensely, I just hope that I can pull it off next week! For any of you who have actually seen me during the last week you will have seen my 50mm x-pole bruise (see picture), it is huge! I am not even sure how I did it but it is exactly the same shape and dimensions as my studio poles.

As promised I have been trying to get some decent pictures of my birds but they do not like posing for the camera so here are some of my attempts to capture the little cuties.

Here is my Kakiriki named Yellariki looking slightly fierce and not impressed at having a camera in her face:

Here are Amber & Tawny (sleeping) two of my three quail:

Here is Preta my Golden Mantel Rosella hiding behind a branch

the gorgeous Levi (cockatiel) having a cuddle

This is Quagmire, the most disturbed cockatiel you could ever meet!

The Old Boys chilling!

Before I sign off for today I must say how pleased I am that the Honda Formula 4-stroke powerboat race is returning to Plymouth, it is a brilliant event and it utilises the natural amphitheatre of the Hoe perfectly, I can't wait to see it.

I am now off to enjoy the sunshine followed by a long soak in the bath with some Neal's Yard Lavender Salts and then a massage with some Vaseline Essential moisture before retiring in front of the TV!

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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Anonymous said...

not the best pici of my marvellous bbq. nice pici of quagmire though ;-)