Thursday, 28 May 2009

Weight loss, VJ Pablo & BGT.

It is that time of the month again and I am starting to feel like poo! I have already had to cancel me pending performance at Annabel's tonight as I know I am not going to be well enough and don't want to risk injuring myself before next weeks big Birthday Bash! Plans for the Bash are going well and we still have a few tickets left. Tickets cost £30 and include a student showcase, instructor exhibition plus a guest Burlesque performer as well as a sit down buffet and an amazing venue!

Apart from frantically preparing for the Birthday Bash and dealing with art of dance and pole dance community admin I have also been working with a lovely new student - Ellie Hudson - who is showing signs of improvement on the pole and is getting to grips with her weight loss routine, more to follow on Ellie but in the meantime if you want to know more about weight loss or weight gain then check out last nights BBC programme '10 things you should know about weight loss' - Click here to watch the full programme.

Some of you may be aware of the fantastic photographer and video producer that is VJ Pablo.
If you are a member on facebook you should be able to view this fabulous video. VJ says "These clips are from various videos shoots I had created with both pole dancers and aerialists over the past 3 years. The process includes projecting hand-painted/cgi slides developed over 25 years onto dancer with slide projectors. VFX with Motion, AE and Final Cut Pro.The featured performer in this piece is Danielle Watts on pole, an amazing acrobat, aerialist and pole dancer now performing with Cirque du Soleil's "Love" here in Las Vegas, NV.Music composition is by Lamb." I just wish VJ lived closer to Plymouth as I would love to work with him, I think his work is outstanding and he truly understands the beauty of pole dancing.

Before I sign off for today I wanted to feedback on Monday's Britain's Got Talent which featured Debs, Faye, Sash & Becca, the girls were fabulous despite the limited camera shots of them. It is such a shame that the girls were only considered good enough to be background entertainment when they have so much talent between them, it is madness that someone like DJ Talent is in a semi final talent competition yet no pole dancers were allowed to qualify, it seems that as pole dancers we still have a major battle on our hands to educate people about how great pole dancing is and exactly how hard it is to do the sort of routine that Debs, Faye, Sahsha and Becca pulled out of the bag on Monday - Great work ladies!

More news to follow,

Stay healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

Same thing with burlesque - a number of talented and quite prominent performers were not selected and Fabia What's Her Name got through. Weird.

Should be called 'Britain's Got a Sob Story and Zero Self-Awareness'.


health said...

I could imagine pole dancing would keep the body well toned..

Weight Loss News said...

wow great work there, pole dancing would be pretty intense.. although I have read it has great benefits for the body..