Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Videos and WI feedback

As promised here is the footage of my dance at the
Women's Institute meeting at Golberdon Parish Hall in Cornwall. I had been invited to perform and speak by the lovely Liz Moir pictured below right(far left). The event was extremely positive and gave me the perfect platform to present fitness pole dancing to an older generation.

The evening started at 7pm with the singing of Jerusalem then grace followed by supper. I have to admit that I didn't know the words to Jerusalem and my pathetic attempts to sing along were not good. Supper was fantastic, the ladies had been working had to produce a beautiful meal of chicken breast wrapped in bacon accompanied by carrots, peas and gravy. I opted for a very small salad as a large meal before a pole performance usually results in vomiting, not something that would be a good advertisement for fitness pole dancing. After the main course the ladies tucked into strawberry meringue (see below right) and then straight onto the the agenda, minutes from individual parish meetings and then me.

I was introduced in a very positive way and had decided to perform first then speak (In hindsight this may have been a mistake as I was very out of breath when I started speaking!). I danced to a classical piece of music as I thought it would be inoffensive and would allow me to demonstrate the strength and flexibility involved with pole dancing. It wasn't my best performance as I was extremely nervous ( my performance nerves do not seem to improve, if anything they are getting worse) and the wobbly pole succeeded in scaring the hell out of me throughout my performance (note the dodgy parallel handstand near the end of the routine!)

I am unsure how long I talked for but the ladies were full of valid questions about competitions, the condition your skin needs to be in and peoples perceptions of pole dancing. The main thing the ladies seemed to appreciate was how we are using pole dancing to empower people. Pole dancing is creating social networks, boosting the confidence of individuals and allowing me to work with children to help them to achieve self respect and achievement.

In many ways the aims if the art of dance are similar to those of the WI, we both carry out charity work, we both arrange social opportunities and we both aim to educate those around us. I think that the WI educated me about the valuable work they do and proved to me that they were not outdated but were a fighting force carrying out a fantastic role within society. My deepest thanks go out to the ladies from the WI for receiving me so warmly, also thanks to my mum who attended the meeting with me and of course to Liz Moir for inviting me and to her husband Steve for helping me with the stage. I hope I will catch up with the ladies again in the near future. Also check out the beautiful floral table displays below that adorned each table - truly gorgeous.

Quickly onto news from Rosanna on her latest adventures, she is back on the podium and looking hot, check out her latest video of her perfomance last Saturday at Berties in Newquay. Hopefully Rosanna will be offering some podium / street dance classes in our new studio (soon to be completed), I haven't actually asked Rosanna about this subject yet but no doubt she will read my blog soon! Check out her dance at the bottom of her latest blog.

More news to follow including details of our new Friday night pole classes in Plymouth as well as details of my pending holiday (prepare for smugness),

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Anonymous said...

You could try Bach Rescue Remedy for nerves Sam. I find it has a really calming effect, i swear by it before exams!
Carly x

sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

Hi Carly,

Yes, will definitely try it.


Sam x

Glamourpuss said...

Aw, I am so proud of you! How fantastic to impress the WI like that.

And the music worked so well - I love the Flower Duet - always brings a tear to my eye.

Oh, and what a lovely Cornish accent from the heckler - makes me all nostalgic for home. Sigh.


AmyTree said...

You're a beautiful ambassador Sam - very proud to be associated with you!!

sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

You cheeky monkeys, all your nice comments made me tearful ( in a good way!)

Sam x