Friday, 2 May 2008

Get well soon Colin.

I wanted to start today's blog by sending my thoughts and best wishes to Colin Pester and his family. For those of you who have not yet herd the news click here for the story so far. I have known Colin for about 4 years as he own the garage next to Saints gym and next to my new studio. Colin was always extremely friendly and we often exchanged wrongly delivered mail with Colin laughing as he told me to keep the bills. Colin even offered to move out of the garage when he knew I was struggling to find a new premises, My Husband & I hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery and I hope that his wife Helen and their children Jack & Lucy will recover from the emotional trauma.

Onto more positive if not mad news, The wonderful blogger Glamour puss is going to walk on fire for the hearing dogs charity, to donate to this worthy cause please click here. If you are unaware of the work that the hearing dogs charity does then trust me in the fact that it is simply invaluable. During my time with the NHS and social services I worked with many people with sensory impairments and did a particularly valuable training session examining sensory deprivation, the training drew my attention to the difficulties faced by those who have sensory impairments. The training was arranged by Scope who sent me out for the day blindfolded and wearing wax ear plugs, I had a carer with me who was excellent but even so the experience was more than scary and although it only lasted a few hours I have never forgotten it. Apart from the obvious embarrassment of walking through a supermarket wearing a blindfold the real issues were fear, frustration and helplessness. At one point the carer handed me a shopping basket but as she had hold of my other arm I just felt more restricted - it was truly horrendous and yet it pales into insignificance against actually losing one or more of your senses long term. Please donate to Puss's charity if you can, remember that the hearing dogs not only are working dogs but they provide companionship in an otherwise frustrating world.

You may notice a distinct lack of blogging from me over the next week as I am lucky enough to be off on holiday to Portugal and just for smug value here is the
link to where I will be staying! Apparently the weather in the Algarve is expected to soar to around 32 degrees early next week but I am sure I will cope. Jo is looking after the business while I am away so will probably be due for a nervous breakdown by the time I return - Good Luck Jo!
I may try and sneak one more blog in on Sunday or even while I am away if I can find time between my hectic schedule of sampling local seafood, swimming in the luxurious private pool and testing local Cerveza.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


ArtofdanceJo said...

Gits!!!! Seriously, though, have a wonderful time and RELAX! I want photos of the inflatables in action please. I'll hold the fort and make sure everyone knuckles under, heh heh.
Love Jo

Glamourpuss said...

Oh, bless you, lovely one! Thanks for the plug!