Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Latest pole dancing news

Today's blog is all about the latest from the pole dancing industry starting with a warning to anyone thinking of buying an x-pole. The market has been bombarded with numerous fake x-poles many of which are being sold on ebay and through some less reputable pole schools. The poles are being sold at the same price as the real thing or cheaper and they are very dangerous. To identify a fake pole look for the following:

1) The upper dome is made of plastic, it has black rubber around it and the silver section is very thin plastic. ( this will crack on pressure being applied)
2) The base is not articulating.
3) The base does not have our little X's on them.
4) The joints are not welded together therefore they will come out and the pole will just be a tube.
5) The instructions are a photo copy and the DVD is also a bad copy.
6) There are only 2 ball bearings - this means the pole will not spin under pressure.

Remebr if you buy a fake pole you will have no returns or replacment policy, if you have bought a fake pole please contact me via e-mail: or contact x-pole direct: Both myself and x-pole are extremly concerned that soemone is going to really hurt themselves using a fake pole. The genuine article will be back in stocmk towards the end of June and then stock should be readily available, apologies to those of you who have been waiting for your x-pole and thank you for your patience.

On the subject of poles just a gentle reminder to ensure that your pole is fixed correctly. Check out this video of what will happen if you do not fix your pole correctly. Please note that the pole shown is not an x-pole:

Controversial news from Exeter this week after after Exeter College refused one of their students the right to hold a pole dancing workshop on campus, click here for the full story. I was outraged by the colleges decision and immediately contacted both the college and the Exeter Express and Echo. The Echo has promised to follow up the story so I will keep you posted on that and Exeter College have contacted me and will arrange for the lecturer who made the decision to contact me next week, after half term, to discuss the matter further.

I have a small dilemma which occurs annually: Do I enter Miss Pole Dance UK? If I do it will be my third year but every time I enter I say it will be my last year and I will never do it again yet the invitation arrived in my inbox and once again temptation started to creep in! I have some time before I need to make a final decision and in the meantime I am practicing hard for our pending night out this Saturday at Annabel's Cabaret. I have also been practicing hard on our new gymnastic rings- pictures to follow - resulting in very sore abs which I hope will recover by Saturday.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


SarahB said...

Who else will enter to represent the south west if you dont? Do you not feel that we are so unrepresented in national events? Easy for me to comment when its not me!!!!!

AmyTree said...

Wow, that vid is fairly horrifying... I knew it was coming and winced through the whole thing...

Anonymous said...

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