Friday, 11 April 2008

Risk of death and nutrition links!

Firstly thanks to Chris - Global Eye Photography for the new pics of all the instructors check out their individual blogs to see all images.

Next onto some serious news from the Daily Mail that blogging can be detrimental to your health and can even lead to suicide. Apparently us bloggers are prone to depression as well as feeling pressured into writing, this does not apply to me as I enjoy writing my blog however depression may set in after reading that most bloggers get about £35,000 per year for their blog whereas I get paid £0 (Maybe I should grovel to Neil at the herald, note that Neils last blog is the 16th March - no pressure to write or anything Neil!).

A brief comment on diet, I have eaten rather well this week with lots of meals consisting of half a jacket potato with what can only be described as rainbow salad - freshly chopped Basil, Avocado, grated Carrot, Fresh Beetroot (not pickled or sweetened), Olives, Tuna and a smidgeon of blue cheese for indulgence. Thanks to TJ's sandwich bar in Dale Road for the jacket potates fresh from their jacket oven. The idea of eating lots of different coloured food is not a new one and the concept of the rainbow diet has been around for some time however this could be misinterpreted: eating a Burger and chips with Tomato Ketchup and letuce may look colourful but might not be quite what the dieticians were intending! Basically all you should do is try to get some fresh food into your diet and think about your 5 a day.

Breakfast on Wednesday Morning was particulalry divine as my husband and I treated ourselves to a meal at Bistro One, if you have not been before I highly recommend it, the restaurant is run by local wine connoisseur Stephen Barrett and is renowned for fresh local produce. In the evenings the restaurant has the most amazing specials board but during the day (10.30 to 2.30) the place has a more informal feel and a deilicious yet reasonably priced Breakfast / Lunch menu. Here is a picture of our food, breakfast huffkin roll at the back and poached eggs, mushrooms and Salmon shown front.

Many of you commented on my recent topic of kitchen fighting as well as suggesting a Kitchen fighting masterclass. My husband has declied the offer but has agreed to film some examples of Kitchen fighting, Sofa fighting and hall fighting (Hall fighing usually arises when both myself and my husband decide we both need to use the toilet at the same time and the race to get there first erupts into a bout of Hall / Bathroom fighing). We do not recommend trying any of these activities at home unless you are completely mad like we are.

Well it is nearly time for me to teach so I will sign off for now, off to do half an hour's practice before teaching three lovely ladies for a private lesson. Have a wonderfull weekend,

Stay Healthy

Sam x


AmyTree said...

What beautiful, beautiful photos!! Really envious - you all look gorgeous! :-)

Anonymous said...

What fab photos. Arty and professional. I think the black and white adds a little something and brings out muscle definition in the lighting. See you soon
Ziggy x said...

Hi Ladies, we will be organising another photoshoot for stdents later in the year, will keep you posted, Sam x x

Anonymous said...

You all look really artistic. I think id Best practice a lot more so i don't end up being photographed on my bottom! :)
Carly x

Glamourpuss said...

Fab photos. And £35k? Like you, I get NOTHING. Bah.