Friday, 18 April 2008

Christi Campbell.

As promised, news on world champion Thai boxer Christi Campbell pictured let with her trainer Sid Remmer (my lovely husband!). Today I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Christi as we were doing a photo shoot with Chris Trent from global eye photography. Despite Christi's aggression in the ring outside of it she is calm and friendly and is more mature than most 15 year olds I know. Check out Christi's blog for pictures of her tyre pulling workout!!

In addition to sponsorship from the art of dance and M.P Jones solicitors Christi has just got additional sponsorship from IELC (If you are a student or teacher then the IELC website is well worth a visit). Sponsorship enabled Christi to travel to Thailand last year and now hopefully she can return again this August to defend her title. After all of Christi's hard work and determination she really deserves the opportunity to further what is already a remarkable Thai boxing career. Remember that Christi is now fighting adults in her weight category even though she is only 15.

Her new website has been launched this week and gives Christi a new platform to promote herself and her skills. Next year will be an important year for Christi as it will be GCSE year ( I assume that they are still called GCSE's?) so fights will be kept to an absolute minimum to allow Christi to focus on getting good grades to help her in the future.

I would like to offer my praise to Christi for being a fantastic individual and role model to others and to Sid for being a great Trainer to Christi and giving up much of his free time to develop her website and further her Thai training.

Some quick bits of news - firstly thanks to all the irresponsible pole schools and teachers out there, due to your acts my public and employers liability has doubled this year and when I tried to contact other brokers and agents I was told that they no longer insure pole dancing schools due to high risks of injury and bad practice by school owners. Now I am paying for the mistakes of others.

Congratulations to Suzie Wong for the great article in Dance magazine - nice to see good press coverage and a great picture of Suzie doing 'The Knees'.

More news to follow on another sponsorship topic but off home now to enjoy a much needed night off work, Oh and if Amytree is reading this I haven't forgotten I owe you £2 - don't think I gave it to you last week - sorry x

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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