Wednesday, 16 April 2008

New bruises

Well where do I start, I have had such a busy time and I have so much to tell you. Firstly news on my new bruises which, for a change, are not from the pole. After watching a rather disappointing fight night on Satuday night at the Guildhall I decided to do two hours Thai boxing with the University of Plymouth Muay Thai club. My sparring partner for the afternoon was a lovely lady called Neeve (hope I have spelt her name correctly?) who has been Thai boxing for about two years.

My new bruises came abut from holding the pads for Neeve, they are classic pad bruises! The Thai training gave me a chance to work my body in a different way to my normal pole exercise, my pole skills may be helpful for grappling but have not benefited my punching technique (or should I say lack of punching technique). I may go back for more punishment next Sunday. The class included a running test: 3 x 2 minute rounds of stop start running - great for improving y less than adequate cardiovascular ability, some sparring and technique work as well as the chance to grapple with my husband. It is advisable when grappling to wear boxing gloves to prevent you catching your nails on your opponents neck, unfortunately for my husband I wast wearing gloves as you can tell from the picture shown below!

Onto some really positive news for the pole dancing industry, Thanks to some hard work from Genevieve Moody from the Flying studio it looks like us pole dancers finally have official recognition from Equity. This move means that performing pole dancers will get cheaper public liability, medical cover and many more benefits. To read more about the equity meeting please read Puss's blog. I will be attending the South west Equity meeting on Sunday 8th June a 2.30pm at the Athenaeum Theatre.

A small comment on buying eggs, obviously if you are lucky enough to have your own chickens then you know all about the benefits of having fresh eggs but for those of you who don't and who can't get to a farm to buy them then I recommend Clarence Court Eggs. They are stacked in most supermarkets and are part of "a small cooperative of family run farms throughout the country". The eggs taste divine and the Cotswold legbar eggs are a particularly pretty shade of blue.

News on champion Thai fighter, Christi Campbell to follow

Stay Healthy,

Sam x


Glamourpuss said...

We are indeed now recognised as perfomers. Dana and Genevieve have done a splendid job.


AmyTree said...

Aww, look at you in your shiny shorts! :-)
Huge congrats on the professional recognition - it's a very important step for everyone fighting to be seen as artists and not trollops - well done all!!