Friday, 4 April 2008

General stuff

Thanks to Sarah, Sarah & Amy for this great picture of them practising the flamingo on their x-pole, keep up the good work ladies.

If any of you are up and about at half 8 next Tuesday morning, 8th April, then please tune into BBC Radio Devon to hear me gabbling about health and fitness, not sure how eloquent I will be at such an early hour but I am currently writing a small training programme to keep presenter Gordon Sparkes on his toes - quite literally!

Next onto a scary bit of fitness advice from the brave guys at BWC, I am not sure about the health and safety aspect of this workout by I may give it a go anyway! If you want to see the full article click here. I think a safer way of conditioning the wrist would be to do basic knuckle press ups against a yoga mat so as to strengthen the wrists without the risk of ripping your knuckles open. I did find a few other videos of knuckle press ups on you tube but there were some really bad techniques including one guy who was seriously dipping his back whilst doing the knuckle press up therefore putting unnecessary pressure on his lower back. I will let you know how I get on with the knuckle press ups later and may also test them out on Gordon next Tuesday!

Here are a few dates for your diary if you fancy raising a bit of money for charity:

April 11th, The Junction, Mutley Plain - Ray, whom I know through Keren at Bella's pet shop,will be having his hair and beard shaved off to raise money for the Primrose Unit at Derriford, the unit deals with breast cancer and has been threatend with closure on sveral occasions throughot the last few years.

April 18th: Grand buffet dance to raise money for the Lord mayors chosen charities of St Luke's Hospice and the NSPCC, The lord and lady mayoress will be in attendance for this black tie event with the Royal Air Force Asociation Big band signing with the lady mayoress herself. Tickets can be bought from Raffles bar, 5 Ermington terrace or by calling 01752771946.

More news to follow,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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