Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday stuff

Well, Firstly a big Congratulations to Drea on the success of Scarred for Life; Drea and her bandmates got through to the quarter final of Plymouth's Battle of the Bands competition. I hope that Scarred for life make it through to the final too! Good Luck x

Today was meant to be a day of fishing and BBQing but the British Summer (bbc forecast for today in Plymouth is torrential rain and a maximum temp of 16 degrees Celsius) has other plans for me, even my contingency plan of visiting the moors to plunder some bracken for the quail seems unlikely and so the call of my dressing gown and sofa is seeming to be the most likely destination for today. Even as I am writing the weather is getting worse. Luckily one member of my household is having a great day; Kye, my cat, has just discovered one of the beautiful new red velvet curtains purchased by the Lovely Amytree as part of the furnishings for the nearly completed second studio. Kye has managed to wrap herself in said red velvet curtain and shows no signs of moving for at least the next 7 hours.

Talking of the lovely Amytree, I had the pleasure of visiting her yesterday and meeting her Mum, partner Chris and younger brother Trevor. I had arrived late due to having to teach a 2 hour hen party in Exeter. The hen and her friends were great fun to teach and no doubt will be aching today as a result of their hard work, their pain is probably accompanied by a hangover too after their planned night out. Anyway, my visit to see Amytree and family provided a nice opportunity to chill out and chat with new and old friends as well as the highlight of my day - meeting Starsky! Starsky (guinea pig on the left) is one of AmyTree's guinea pigs and he is simply adorable.

My husband, whose bike has just passed its MOT, is using the kitchen as a temporary garage and the smell of petrol is quite overwhelming. His petrol tank cleaning plan looks ingenious!

I should sign off now to make the most of the rest of my day off, I will be back soon and will post results from the Manchester heat of the UKAPP competition on the pole dance community site ASAP,

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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