Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hard times

When I first saw the headlines about the recession late last year I thought that things would be difficult but i had no idea quite how hard things were going to be. It seems as if the second wave of recession is now hitting and the more business people I speak to the more I learn about the hardships some people are facing. Even my friends who are employed are struggling as they have watched their outgoings increase whilst their income remains unchanged or lowered.

The news yesterday that some employers are asking their employees to work for nothing or take a year off without pay demonstrates exactly what troubles we are all facing. The financial woes alongside the run of bad weather (OMG have you seen what the jetstream is up to!!!) has certainly increased levels of depression and stress for most people. My current stress levels as well as limited time have reduced my regular blogging but I intend to get back to full blogging mode ASAP.

Since I last blogged about the controversial new policing and crime bill I have had no response from Linda Gilroy (apart from an automated response), despite e-mailing her and sending her a copy of my blog. To be honest I will be surprised if I get any response at all.

Anyway, soon, I will update you fully on recent developments with me, the art of dance and the Pole Dance Community site which I will be updating tomorrow.

Lastly Good Luck to my 2 students Alex Bell and Lucy Sings who are both in the final of Face of Plymouth 2009 !

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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