Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My Husband's Terror!

My mobile phone rang, I answered it, it was my husband and he sounded distressed - he announced in a shaky voice that he had been attacked by a fresh, hot, Morrison's Chunky Steak Pie. Apparently he had been innocently typing away at his keyboard when the pie jumped off the desk and forced it's way down his throat. I was concerned for my husbands welfare and decided to take action by replacing the steak pie with a Marks and Spencer's Choux pastry filled with Vanilla Custard and topped with chocolate. To my horror as soon as i reached the house the custard item leapt from its packaging and dived at my husband leaving his face smeared with chocolate sauce and the rest of the pastry well on it's way to being digested, the remaining pastry sat innocently in the Kitchen away from the temptation to molest some poor unsuspecting human.

But, shock, horror - As I ventured back through the Kitchen minding my own business I suddenly found myself removing the pastry from it's packaging and biting into the top of the pastry removing some of the chocolate, by the time I had noticed what was happening the evil pastry had retreated to its wrapper. The the following morning I noticed that once again my husband had been attacked and this time the pastry has lost it's entire custard filling in the process. Both my husband and I have remained traumatised and fearful of purchasing any more pies although I fear that more pies will find their way into our home regardless of our good intentions!

OK so back to seriousness. I may not get a chance to blog much over the next few days as my schedule looks rather hectic, tomorrow and Friday will involve trying to get the second Plymouth studio ready for the floor to be laid and ready for it's pending opening on the 10th August! On Saturday I have a hen party in Exeter and will be popping in to see the lovely Amytree whose mum is visiting from the US. As well as general admin I am involved in a complete restore of the art of dance which seems to involve a fairly large amount of paperwork, I will explain all later! In addition to the aforementioned things I have to find some time to update the pole dance community website so as you can imagine spare time is not really going to be in plentiful supply.

Look forward to blogging again ASAP

Stay healthy and avoid swine flu!

Sam x

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