Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pole dancing stigmata & Quails eggs!

For any of you who pole dance regularly you will understand that the metal pole always comes of better than you when it comes to damage! If you don't pole dance then you can probably identify those that do by their pole dancing stigmata, next time you see someone out wearing sandals just check out the tops of their feet for the tell tale signs - bruising, scarring or scabs across the top of the foot.

As a regular pole dancer I was getting really fed up with losing bits of skin from my left foot (my dominant climbing foot) and my left shin, once the skin is damaged there is no chance for it to recover and all that seems to happen is that any scab formed over said missing skin would be ripped of at the next training or teaching session resulting in scars and the risk of infection from cuts that weren't healing so the PDC ankle supports have been a real help in protecting my poor little size 5's.

On the subject of pole training I have neglected my own personal practice a little but with several member of staff of work I am doing enough teaching to keep my fitness up and through extra sensible eating have dropped the 2 extra kgs I was carrying and returned to my optimum weight of 55kgs - OK so 2 extra kgs doesn't sound like a lot but being the wrong side of 30 years old i did not want the extra 2kgs to increase to 3 then 4kgs etc etc!

At present I have Rosanna of sick - GET WELL SOON Rosanna, Nixi still injured, Tamar skiving for 4 weeks in Bali and Hayley with limited hours due to her full time job and her sister leaving to move to OZ. Jo and I are certainly being kept on our toes!

Next week I am covering Rosanna's Exeter class again. Rosanna's Exeter Ladies were an absolute pleasure to teach last week so no doubt next week will be good too, I have a hardcore session plan for the girls so they will probably be begging for Rosanna's return. I will also be teaching Hayley's Liskeard class on Tuesday so will prepare an equally gruelling session plan for them too!

I mentioned earlier about my extra sensible eating regime at present and meant include a new item on the menu - Quails eggs. As I am the proud owner of three very cute quails, Amber, Tawny & Eve, I thought it made sense to try some of their eggs. I am still mastering the art of breaking the tiny shells without smashing up the entire egg but poaching them is easy and they taste gorgeous and are obviously very fresh. The quails are now getting very tame and are enjoying getting out of the aviary for a few hours a day to collect worms and pester me for mealworms, they have even ventured into the house to check things out before returning to their outdoor home. If you don't have your own Quail I can highly recommend Clarence Court Quail eggs as they have excellent standard of animal care resulting in great tasting fresh eggs.

Well it is now time for me to teach the 6.15pm Plymouth class and I have 6 students with a pole to themselves so they should expect a real beasting!

Stay healthy,

Sam x

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