Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Beware - I'm back!

I have so much to tell you that I fear this may be the longest blog I have ever written. I will start by sharing details of my recent trip to London and then blog again later in the week with further developments:

By 9am on Friday morning I was on the Penzance to London train on my way to the quarterly meeting of the Equity Pole Dancers Working group at the Equity HQ, Leicester Square. The train was packed so I was less than thrilled to find out that despite paying £72 for a return ticket I had no seat! To add to my disappointment I then discovered that the carriage I found myself squeezed into contained 2 stag parties, 1 hen party, a group of AC/DC fans on their way to Wembley and a well spoken elderly couple who clearly weren't enjoying their journey much either. The elderly couple seem even more disturbed when one of the AC/DC fans ventured to the buffet produly dislaying his 'F**K SCHOOL' t-shirt.

It was nice to see that one of stag parties, a group of young lads from stonehouse, had planned well for the journey and had bought their own personal off license and were armed to the teeth with the latest Michaeal Jackson jokes most of which I cannot repeat.

Halfway into the journey and both stag parties had seen the back of my t-shirt which read "Pole Dancing Instructor" and so they made a smal chant to sing to me each time I ventured to the toilet or buffet which I found greatly amusing. On the subject of the buffet I had been informed that the buffet had a 'delicious' new menu and a chef on board so I was looking forward to sampling some freshly cooked delicacy, here is a picture of my food, OK so it was not really awful but was incredibly hard to consume given that the only equipment I was provided with was a bendy plastc fork and spoon.Despite the food not being quite as lovely as it could have been I was impressed to find that all the teas were organic and were made by Clipper who have a great fairtrade policy too. Also all the eggs were free range.

As we pulled into Westbury the first stag party 'entertained' the carriage with their special song entitled "Nicky Reilly is our mate", the lyrics were fairly simple but explained that the lads had grown up with Nicky and understood his vulnerability. After my interesting journey I made it on time to the Equity HQ where I met Michael day from Equity, Emma aka Miss Glory Pearl, Dana from Rock n Roll Pole and Kate Johnstone from Spin City. Apologies were read from Genevieve Moody from the Flying Studio, Steve & Kay from Pole Passion, Elena Gibson from Pole Dancing School, Jason Parlour and Tracey Simmonds.

The meeting covered several current issues including the dreadful new policing and crime bill 2009 which includes some new legislation concerning lap dancing clubs that will impinge on both pole dancers and Burlesque artists; this subject is more than worthy of its own blog and I will also discuss it in more detail on BBC Radio Devon next Tuesday morning at 8.15am with the Lovely Gordon Sparks.

The train journey back to Plymouth was just as eventful as the outbound journey, once again it was standing room only but this time the train was even more packed, the corridors were blocked with bags and I struggled to find somewhere even to stand, I gave up my search and made my way to the buffet car where I managed to find a small spot on the floor next to the bin where I could sit down. One gentleman joked with that it was like taking a train in New Delhi athought I pointed out that knew of no train journey in Delhi that would cost £72!

The last 2 hours of my journey were spent next to the buffet with a lovely guy called Mike, Mike and I decided to indulge in several cans of beer whilst talking politics, we were then joined in our lively debate by a guy called Callum who had consumed several Ecstasy tablets and was having a few problems maintaining normal speech, however he was harmless, quite funny and very interested in our political rants. On arrival in Plymouth I departed from my two male companions and returned home excited about my pending 2 day trip to Par Sands (I will blog about that at the weekend).

Before I sign of I wanted to warn you of a recent decision that I have made, I am going to stand as an independent councillor, I am so fed up with my own endless whinging and am also disheartened with current council arrangements that I feel I have nothing to lose from standing as a candidate, I will keep you posted on further developments.

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

p.s. rest in peace Citybus!

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