Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Have the CPS lost the plot?

Before I get on to the main topic of todays blog I must direct you to breaking news from the United Kingdom Amateur Pole Performer competition 2009, it seems that some competitors have broken the rules - click here for more details. It is really sad that certain individuals have attempted to cheat to win this competition and must be deeply saddening for the organisers and the competitors who have played by the rules.

Recently I have read several articles in both the local and national press regarding increasing lack of confidence in the Crown Prosecution Service, some have already started referring to the organisation as the Clown Prosecution Service. I have read these articles with interest as I have had a poor experience when dealing with the CPS in the not too distant past.

One day last year I had decided to stop for a quick beer after work and therefore had opted to leave my car in the local car park overnight. The following day I discovered my car covered in blood and with a large dent in the targa roof. I called the police who asked me to take my car to the scenes of crime unit for further analysis. It emerged that overnight a young man (I am being polite in calling him that rather than using another more appropriate term) had attacked his girlfriend in the car park and the dent in the roof was where her head had been smashed into the roof knocking her unconscious. The 'young man' had been arrested at the scene but the girlfriend did not want to press charges. The 'young man' had also assaulted two police officers at the point of arrest.

Further investigation then found that the incident was recorded on CCTV owned by the car park. So to summarise the incident involved an arrest at the scene, police witnesses, an assault on 2 police officers, a vicious attack on a young woman, DNA evidence in the form of blood on my car, CCTV footage and to add to the story the 'young man' was already known to the police. Despite this the CPS decided that there was not enough evidence for any charge to be brought against him and suggested I claim for the damage via my insurance which would of course result in a loss of my no claims and a excess payment charge. As you can imagine I was none too pleased.

The incident makes me question exactly what sort of evidence the CPS need when the case looked so clear cut and had so much evidence?

Lastly a quick date for the diaries of all of you who live close to Tavistock, if you love cheese then you must visit the fantastic Real Cheese Festival organised by Country Cheeses. The event will take place on August 23rd & 24th at the stunning Tavistock Town Hall.

More news to follow on a fight with another school who are failing to see that modern fitness pole dancing is not the same as lap dancing.....

Stay Healthy,

Sam x

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